SPARK Media Launches Print Fashion Week


SPARK Media declared war on anyone who says that print is boring by proclaiming 5-9 September as Print Fashion Week.

‘Saying that print is dead is like saying that no-one’s wearing sexy Chanel jackets anymore,’ said Justine Williams, SPARK Media’s Strategic Sales & Marketing Director. ‘In fact, this season it’s all about the label and the layered look, not to mention tailored cuts, prints and belly bands.’

SPARK Media visited media agency partners to demonstrate its latest print innovations which are bringing sexy back into print.

‘Our print products are all about creativity, inventiveness and flair,’ said Williams. ‘Our range gives modern advertisers everything they need to make a fashionable statement in a media type that delivers. For example, we’ve introduced the Layered Insert which, as the name suggests, is an insert of three distinct sizes that seamlessly layer over each other.

Our chic Belly Band is a new addition to our collection and our wraps have been refined. The Powernote has two sides to every story. Peel off the sticker and unveil a tailored marketing message beneath it or, even better, incorporate a QR code for a truly unique and interactive experience.’

SPARK Media and Caxton Printers have taken innovation one step further with their ‘Digiquill’, which gives marketers the option to print individual messages on every pre-printed product. ‘Just imagine the possibilities,’ she said, ‘You’ll never see the same outfit twice.’

‘Just like a comfortable pair of jeans, these print fashion statements will become an integral part of any client’s strategy.’

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