Shereno Expands Digital Line Up With HP Indigo Presses


Shereno Printers has expanded its line up with a total of four HP Indigo sheetfed digital presses that have been purchased, including a series-two 3050, 3500, best-selling 5500 and 7000 model from Kemtek Imaging Systems.

Each investment provides Shereno’s team with a specific set of printing tools, designed to address changing market needs. The two latest systems, the 5500 and 7000, have recently been upgraded to HP Indigo’s 5600 and 7600 series respectively, providing greater versatility and productivity and improved automation.

‘Since purchasing our first HP Indigo 3050, our digital print department has gone from strength to strength,’ commented MD, Niran Singh. ‘With print-on-demand flourishing and customers requiring special print features we have to ensure we have the right digital series in place to offer added value and productivity. With the latest HP Indigo 5600 and 7600 upgrades, we’re now more than ready to meet modern market demands.’

Highlights of the all-new HP Indigo 5600 system, which runs 68 full-colour A4 pages/min, include ‘One Shot’ printing mode, HP ElectroInk White, HP ElectroInk Invisible Red and EPM (Enhanced Productivity Mode), which enhances the productivity of the 5600 by 33%.

Similar to the 5600 upgrade, the flagship 7600 press also boasts an impressive print speed that’s 33% faster than the 7000 series, allowing it to print a maximum of 160 pages/min in EPM. Other features include new high-value print effects including raised print, textured embossing or de-bossing, and digital watermarking. The wide colour gamut offered by HP Indigo’s light black, cyan, and magenta inks enhance the quality for professional photographic printing and its white ink permits printing on special media such as transparencies, dark, and metallic substrates.

‘Providing a one-stop premium print solution is always our goal, and with our newly-enhanced HP Indigo digital printing systems in place, we’re offering best value and quality every time,’ said Singh.

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