At drupa 2012, Goss International will be emphasising its industry-leading technology and visionary approach with a number of world debuts for the packaging, commercial and newspaper markets in hall 17, Booth A59 – C59.

Exhibiting under the theme of ‘See Things Differently’, the company will demonstrate how the latest advances in automation, formats, configurations and supporting technologies can be harnessed to provide customers with the power to produce more impactful, immediate and cost-effective printed products with lower waste and less environmental impact.

Goss International president and CEO Jochen Meissner said, Driven by the challenges that our customers are facing, Goss has adopted a different perspective on adding value. The new products and technology applications that we are showcasing at the expo offer alternatives designed to help printers expand their opportunities. Our technologies, adapted, developed and fine-tuned to specific needs, can improve margins and provide higher value products to publishers, brand managers, readers and consumers.

Goss International is exhibiting adjacent to its parent company, Shanghai Electric, in Hall 17 to demonstrate the broad and complementary capabilities of the two companies. The 1820sqm Goss booth will be organised into zones including Commercial Offset, Newspapers, and Packaging. With a focus on enhancements, service and support, a fourth Lifetime Support zone will also demonstrate the unique Goss commitment to extending the lifespan and competitiveness of existing press and finishing systems.
The Packaging Zone

•    The Sunday Vpak 3000 and Sunday Vpak 500 presses will take centre stage at drupa with a ‘world first’ showing of printing units currently running in the Goss International facility in Durham (NH), USA. Based on the groundbreaking Sunday gapless press concept, the Vpak presses make web offset an increasingly attractive alternative for folding carton, flexible packaging, pre-print and label printing. The two models feature quick-change blankets and printing cylinder sleeves, which make ‘infinitely’ variable repeat lengths easy and affordable.

The Vpak presses provide the productivity and print quality advantages of web offset, along with high-tech inking and exacting control over presetting, register, colour and tension. The Sunday Vpak 3000 is available in web widths of up to 1905mm (75 inches) and exploits the signature print stability of the gapless Sunday technology to address the growing trend towards wider web packaging printing for greater economy and flexibility of production. The Vpak 500 model is available in web widths of up to 1041mm (41 inches).

The two Sunday Vpak printing units will be demonstrated in a dedicated Packaging Theatre at drupa, with a full presentation covering the technology, market applications and production advantages they deliver.

The Commercial Zone

•    A ‘world first’ expo appearance of a 96-page Sunday 5000 gapless blanket printing unit will be the highlight feature of the commercial zone. Now with multiple proven installations, the Sunday 5000 introduced the 2860mm (112 inch) web width to market, delivering new economies of scale to traditional web offset production models and making web offset commercially viable in the gravure sector as well. With features including full Autoplate and DigiRail digital inking, the Sunday 5000 is the most productive large format offset press ever developed. It capitalises on its fast job changeovers, smart energy usage, and wide-web flexibility to cost-effectively deliver full tabloid and magazine down to slim-jim and digest formats.

Blanket changes and fully automated 96-page plate changes will be demonstrated on the Sunday 5000 unit at drupa. The unit is bound for Stark Druck in Germany after the show as part of a new installation that will make the company the world’s first site to run two 96-page web offset presses.

•    With nearly 2500 units installed worldwide – thanks to continuous technology updates that have maintained its position as the world’s leading 16-page press – a new-generation 16pp M-600 printing unit on display on the Goss International booth will highlight latest features for enhanced efficiency. This latest M-600 technology continues to keep pace in 2012 with a number of productivity-enhancing features designed to reduce waste levels to absolute minimum for frequent version changes and the shortest print runs.

•    Supporting Goss International’s web offset portfolio, the latest generation Goss Web Center workflow system delivers advanced features to automate processes and maximise efficiency and press utilisation.

•    Following the recent acquisition of Vits Print, Goss International will highlight its expanded portfolio of advanced Goss Contiweb and Vits splicers, pasters, dryers, folders, sheeters, and inline converting solutions.

The Newspaper Zone

•    The Colorliner CPS (Compact Printing System) press joins the Goss FPS (Flexible Printing System) press in the Goss family of ‘true compact’ newspaper press solutions. Derived from the latest-generation Colorliner press model, it incorporates FPS technology features modified into a more conventional ‘non-split’ four-high tower arrangement. The Colorliner CPS press is a true workhorse for higher-volume production and product versatility, while delivering the key quality and practical benefits of low profile (4.5 m high) towers and speeds up to 90000 copies per hour.

The new tower on display at the expo will feature ergonomic, Goss Autoplate fully automatic plate-changing technology, as installed on hundreds of Goss press units worldwide. Additional design high points, such as uniquely low heat generation within its units, offer publishers further operational advantages through reduced energy consumption and lower costs.

•    Drupa will mark the first global presentation of a new Goss Magnum HPS single-width, one-around high-speed press, capable of up to 70 000 copies per hour. Designed for heatset, coldset or combined production, the press offers extended capabilities for producing a mix of magazine and newspaper work with the flexibility of a single-width format and productivity levels associated with double-width production.

We have a history of introducing groundbreaking Goss technologies at drupa and we will continue that tradition with products such as the variable-repeat Sunday Vpak presses. But beyond the introduction of specific technologies, our presence at drupa will convey our long-term perspective and our focus on actively exploring new concepts with our customers, concluded Meissner. Even in these highly competitive industry conditions, Goss has continued to invest in its core markets and extended the advantages of its core technologies to new applications. Printers know they are collaborating with a strong, visionary supplier who can work with them to replace outdated equipment with advanced web offset solutions that will help them see things differently.