Scodix Showcases Digital Enhancement Solutions At DscoopX


The recent DscoopX event held in Washington marked the first live demonstration of Scodix’s Ultra™ Pro. Scodix Ultra (up to 1 250 B2+ sheets per hour) is engineered with speed and quality. The new Scodix Ultra Pro system is additionally equipped with controls enabling operators to switch, rapidly and easily, between multiple polymers for varying applications and effects.

Scodix Ultra Pro is also the first system to feature Scodix SPOT, a polymer that produces a spot varnish for short runs. Scodix SPOT digitally recreates the effect of traditional flat varnishes, without the setup time or mess. The Scodix Ultra Pro also enables a single operator to run the system, and maintenance can be carried out automatically and remotely.

The Scodix Ultra Pro is based upon the company’s Scodix SENSE technology, which includes:
• Scodix RSP Technology: ensures pin-point enhancement positioning and registration.
• Scodix High Impact: touch and feel to make your print stand out.
• Scodix 99 GU: delivers the highest level of gloss units attainable for printed materials.
• Scodix Variable Density: allows for variable polymer thickness, all in a single pass. 

The addition of Scodix SPOT and the union of these technologies enable the Scodix presses to deliver results that meet and exceed the critical production requirements of even the most demanding commercial PSP’s or folding-cartons converters. The Scodix Ultra Pro supports countless applications for paper and flat media, including stationery, book covers, premium packaging, marketing and promotional tools, greeting cards, and photo albums.

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