Scodix Receives 2017 InterTech Technology Award


Scodix is celebrating its second InterTech Technology Award, which it has received for the Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil digital press.

The InterTech Technology Awards sponsored by Printing Industries of America honours the development of technologies predicted to have a major impact on the graphic arts and related industries.

An independent panel of judges deliberated over an outstanding selection of technology nominations which showcased the dynamic nature of the industry.

This year’s awards highlighted inventions that extend the performance of inkjet presses, use LEDs to overcome long-standing challenges, extend capabilities for digital enhancement, assess and manipulate colour in new ways, permit the creation of low-cost prototypes, automate platemaking and presswork to new levels, and offer digital press users powerful apps to manage their processes.

The Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil digital press transforms a very time-consuming analogue and expensive process, enabling service providers and their customers to enhance prints with vibrant foil treatments. Using the inline Scodix digital workflow, foil enhances any project in-house.

With Scodix Foil, users can also apply variable data foiling. This application has proven to be highly profitable, enabling users to personalise each print, either through variable names, as on collateral such as direct mail and greeting cards, or in variable patterns, allowing each sheet of foil to look completely different to the next.

‘The judges were struck by the uniqueness of several applications on the Ultra Pro, such as its ability to produce braille text, crystals for product decoration, and dramatic holographic-looking 3D images,’ said Jim Workman, vice president at PIA’s Center for Technology and Research. ‘The use of product enhancement for high-end packaging and marketing has developed rapidly, in large due to the ability to apply foil and other enhancements in a completely digital workflow.’

Printing Industries of America will present the InterTech Technology Awards at the 2017 Premier Print Awards and InterTech Technology Awards Gala on 10 September after the first day of the upcoming PRINT 2017 tradeshow in Chicago.

‘We are honoured to receive this award and proud of how Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil is reshaping our marketplace so quickly,’ noted Scodix CEO, Roy Porat. ‘This innovative press has enabled users to realise the significant financial and marketing escalation, which is broadening their target markets and increasing their revenue. For our customers’ clients, it’s transforming an ordinary marketing project into highly revered, and in many cases, award-winning ones, giving brands heightened appeal.’

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