Scodix Announces Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press


The Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement press with Foil Station boosts flexibility, quality and productivity.

Users of the Scodix Ultra Pro will be able to upgrade to the Scodix Ultra2, starting in 2018. The entire print engine has been changed to provide extensive flexibility, high accuracy of print and cost effectiveness, supported by fast switching between polymers, with improved print quality and superior material flow.

The Scodix Ultra2 includes five ink tanks, allowing a comprehensive choice of enhancements, in one platform. A new adaptive LED process controls the curing process with improved accuracy, while the unique Scodix PAS Pin Activate Secure technologies deliver superior enhancement with ultra-fine detail.

Scodix CEO, Roy Porat commented, ‘Our aim at Scodix is to continually support our customers to ‘enhance their competitive edge’. There is no polymer in the world that is suitable for all substrates, no drop behaves the same on all substrates or all printed material. Consequently, we have developed the Scodix Ultra2 Pro, alongside our variety of innovative polymers designed for different purposes, as a system that can deliver the ultimate results. This is essentially a multi-material platform.’

Porat continued, ‘Expanded substrate offerings, the unparalleled nine different enhancement effects, as well as compatibility with the largest variety of CMYK processes, confirms Scodix’s position as the market leader in digital enhancement. The Scodix Ultra2 Pro represents our continued commitment to identifying areas for improvement within the graphic arts industry.’

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