SATO Launches Label Printer

SATO Launches Label Printer

The innovative label printer represents the evolution of SATO industrial thermal printers and possesses a range of practical benefits. The introduction of an intelligent printhead, SATO RFID Analyze and higher printing precision make the new CL6NX Plus an industry-leading labelling solution.

The new CL6NX Plus printer was designed to provide users with enhanced track and trace operations. SATO has also boosted its NX series portfolio with the release of several updates for the CL4NX Plus.

Laurent Lassus at SATO said, ‘Businesses are increasingly harnessing the power of data to underpin traceability, enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction, and the rise of IoT continues to drive transformation across many industries, including retail, automotive, manufacturing and transport and logistics. In response, SATO has created the CL6NX Plus to provide businesses with the on-site service they need to boost their efficiency significantly.

‘We have worked closely with our customers over the last couple of years to listen to the market and understand exactly what they needed’, said Lassus. “‘his has enabled us to create the CL6NX Plus, a truly pioneering labelling solution that addresses the needs of a range of industries.’

The CL6NX Plus provides users with quick printing speeds of 10ips and can print to a resolution of 305dpi, ensuring the highest quality label production. The labelling solution also incorporates built-in third-party emulation software, which allows it to be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows without disruption to operations or productivity. Built-in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capabilities also enable brands to significantly boost track and trace efficiency.

‘We’re delighted to offer the CL6NX Plus to the market. It’s a versatile machine that brings practicality and value to each stage of the supply chain, offering real-time efficiency gains,’ added Lassus. ‘The CL6NX Plus represents a giant step forward in high-resolution large format printing. For example, the solution is ideal for applications such as pallet labelling where quality, accuracy and speed are paramount.’

The CL6NX Plus comes with built-in SATO AEP (Application Enabled Printing). This powerful onboard intelligence enables customization of the printer operations and is also compatible with SATO Online Services, PDF Direct Print, SATO­ App Storage and SOTI Connect1.

Alongside this launch, SATO has announced that its innovative CLNX Plus series can now utilise both 10.1cm (4”) and 15.2cm (6”) to support the new 802.1x for LAN security protocol, making it more adaptable for a wide range of environments. The update to the printer also includes built-in high frequency Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) capabilities and the option of purchasing a rotary cutter.


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