Ryobi Limited will be exhibiting at drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf, 3-16 May 2012. Under the theme of EVOLVING WITH YOU (Ryobi, evolving together with its customers), the company will introduce new approaches to printing at this exhibition, such as the evolution of LED-UV Printing System with the keywords of improved productivity, high value-added printing, and environmental measures.

At drupa 2008, Ryobi exhibited the world’s first LED-UV Printing System for sheet-fed offset printing presses, with sales beginning from October of that same year. Through its innovative features and outstanding productivity that are guiding the next generation of UV printing, it has been widely received as an easy-to-implement system even for printing companies tackling UV printing.

This year Ryobi will be exhibiting presses installed with new LED-UV Printing System, which serves as the optimum Smart Printing Solution proposal to instant curing and high-value-added printing, as well as other applications like printing onto film. The two models to be installed with the LED-UV Printing System and shown in demonstrations will be the RYOBI 928P, an A1-size, 8-colour, high-speed offset press that delivers instant UV-curing perfecting printing, and the RYOBI 755G, a B2-size, 5-colour, high-speed offset press with a newly-developed varnish coating type” LED-UV curing unit.

The RYOBI 1050-1 will be introduced B1-size, high-speed offset press with UV Casting and Foiling System as a post-processing unit that delivers hologram, foiling, and various varnish coating capabilities on a single press, and the RYOBI 525GX A3-plus 5-colour press for quick processing of small lot, high quality colour jobs.

Even prior to drupa 2012, Ryobi introduced the presses that will be on display at a 2-day pre-drupa in-house demonstration (February 2nd and 3rd) at Hiroshima East Plant. Many participants came from both inside Japan domestic and abroad, indicating the strong interest in new technology from Ryobi.

Ryobi will be exhibiting the following at drupa 2012:

1) RYOBI 928P: A1-size, 8-colour, high-speed offset press (with perfecting device and LED-UV curingunits)

An 8-colour press from RYOBI’s 920 Series that handles both straight and perfecting printing, this model has gained popularity for delivering high cost performance and its ideal suitability for A1-size work. At drupa 2012, an A4-size, 8-up, one-pass, full-colour perfecting press with an LED-UV curing unit installed over the perfecting device, as well as over the delivery drum, will be on display. A demonstration will also connect a bookbinding system to demonstrate the capabilities of bookbinding immediately after printing and thus promote the high throughput of the RYOBI 928P with LED-UV curing units.

2) RYOBI 755G: B2-size, 5-colour, high-speed offset press (with coating unit and “varnish coating type” LED-UV curing unit).

This press delivers high-speed 8-up printing of 16,000 sheets per hour onto B2-size paper, handling a wide range of applications from thin to thick stock. At drupa 2012, chemical embossed printing will be demonstrated using a high-power, varnish coating type LED-UV curing unit installed in the chain delivery unit and a pre-curing LED-UV unit is mounted between the print units.

Printing onto 3D lens sheets (HALS) will also be demonstrated on a daily basis to show the ability to handle special film. HALS® (Honeycomb Array Lens Sheet) is a plastic microarray lens sheet manufactured through a patented process from Grapac Japan Co., Inc.

3) RYOBI 1050-1: B1-size, monochrome, high-speed offset press (with UV Casting and Foiling System)

The UV Casting and Foiling System was developed for the RYOBI 1050 series in order to respond to the high added-value needs of printed matter. With its versatile functions, the press can handle not only holograms and foiling in a single unit, but can also do chemical embossed printing as well. At drupa 2012, Ryobi will demonstrate anti-forgery hologram processing adapting such casting technology as hidden and micro text and 3D-expression through lens-type hologram patterns. Foiling will be also demonstrated on a daily rotating basis to show versatile functions of the system.

4) RYOBI 525GX: A3-plus, 5-colour press (with coating and IR-curing units)

This A3-plus, 5-colour press enables a variety of diverse small-lot color printing jobs from envelopes and postcards to catalogs and leaflets to be handled with ease. At drupa 2012, we will be featuring its high productivity via integrated water-based varnish coating.

In a sample area, sample printed matter will be available from a hybrid printing system that incorporates an inkjet device, as well as various samples of high value-added printing using the UV Casting and Foiling System such as hologram processing and foiling.

Ryobi will be situated in Hall 17, Booth Nos. C01-1, C01-2 Total booth area (incl. C01-1 and C01-2): 812 m2