ROTOCONTROL Announces Machine For End-To-End Mask Production


With a simple design, the ECOline FM machine for flat masks is capable of automatic production of 90 to 110 masks a minute. Three layers of material are first laminated, folded and seamed. A crimping tool then ultrasonically welds the two sides to the seal; and a die cutting tool cuts and forms the side seal. Finally, the mask is conveyed to two earlobe string welding stations and then on to the assembly line for collection.

The ECOline FM is designed to produce flat masks for general front-line workers, manufacturing and the public, with an advanced version providing an end-to-end production line for medical masks typically worn by nurses and doctors.

‘Both ECOline FM machines will help traditional label printers and other niche market manufacturers respond to spiralling demand for general and medical face masks by diversifying into mask production,’ said Marco Aengenvoort, ROTOCONTROL managing director. ‘It’s an opportunity to utilise their production expertise and quickly expand their manufacturing infrastructure already in place.’

The advanced version for automatic production of medical masks features high-tech ultrasonic welding technology with reliable and convenient operation from initial material feed to finished product. The line consists of automatic feeding of reel and nose clip, mask body formation with ultrasonic assembly, automatic assembly, automatic folding and welding of mask, die cut and finished product ejection and waste removal.

Other features include support for up to 6 layers of non-woven cloth rolls, automatic tension control of raw materials – ensuring balanced tension, and ergonomic design with easy maintenance. Each model comes with a one-year warranty.

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