As announced in 2013, Rotocon is now representing the Wink Stanzwerkzeuge GmbH portfolio of high precision cutting tools in South Africa. For over 20 years, Wink has used advanced CNC technology to manufacture flexible dies, cylinders and steel rule dies with optimum precision and microscopic accuracy.

A major proportion of Wink’s SuperCut dies are used for the manufacture of self-adhesive labels in a range of applications, however, many other narrow-web products are also successfully cut with Wink dies including in-mould labels, booklets, folded boxes, tickets, tear-off coupons and hang tags.

A wide range of high quality cylinders and magnetic carriers in all standard dimensions as well as special formats are offered by Wink, and are known for maximum precision, optimum adhesion and high durability.

Decades of experience in the manufacture of steel rule dies and the use of advanced laser technology have transformed this traditional tool into an efficient piece of manufacturing equipment. The quality of Wink steel rule dies can be seen in their minimal tolerances, as well their excellent ability to cut all adhesive composite materials and seamless rule joints.