Ricoh will demonstrate its digital production print portfolio to Hunkeler innovationdays attendees, who will learn how to move beyond traditional print with new, value-added services and solutions. The expo is taking place from February 11 to February 15, 2013.

Many of these will be European debuts of the offerings. Ricoh will offer visitors a wide range of applications, software and hardware developed to help companies transform their businesses to go beyond traditional print services. This portfolio takes advantage of Ricoh ProcessDirector, which empowers customers to ensure integrity, security and flexibility of their overall operation. From commercial to book to transactional printers, Ricoh will have solutions on display to meet the needs of every business.

Print service providers are being encouraged to look at the impacts of future technology on their own businesses as well as at how technology will change the way their corporate clients will work in the future, said Vaughan Patterson, sales manager for the production printing business group at Ricoh SA. We have found that six out of 10 respondents said they believe the markets they operate in will be significantly altered between now and 2020, bearing little similarity to today, so it’s crucial print service providers are prepared for the profound, yet energising, effects of technology change. Ricohs findings stem from research by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Ricoh.

Solutions on display will include:

InfoPrint 5000 GP

This flagship member of the InfoPrint 5000 inkjet family is designed for commercial, book and transactional printers and will be shown for the first time in Europe with the Extended Media Dryer option. This flexible and versatile model is designed for customers who need exceptional reliability to meet tight print windows and have requirements for diverse media and stringent colour quality, with options for monochrome and on-demand MICR. The product provides customers with configuration flexibility and a lower carbon footprint than most others on the market. By using Ink Savvy, businesses can increase their ROI by tuning colour files to minimise ink consumption while maintaining the overall look and feel of the document.

InfoPrint 5000 MP Monochrome

With a smaller footprint than the InfoPrint 5000 GP, the InfoPrint 5000 MP provides commercial and transactional printers the ability to run monochrome books, statements, manuals and other documents, with the option to convert to colour to protect the initial investment. The high speed of InfoPrint 5000 MP Monochrome makes it an ideal choice for consolidating footprints in a print shop with multiple toner-based monochrome systems. In a hybrid configuration (InfoPrint 5000 MP Monochrome coupled with an InfoPrint 5000 GP ‘Mono plus MICR’ engine), it meets the need to produce monochrome jobs with MICR data.

Q1 2013

This is a new addition to Ricoh’s award-winning cut sheet solution portfolio. The solution will run marketing and direct mail applications at the show, demonstrating its best-in-class digital colour production capability.

Ricoh ProcessDirector Express

This newest addition to the Ricoh TotalFlow workflow suite offers customers an easy-to-use, end-to-end workflow software to manage transactional data streams in Adobe PDF format. This solution brings the power and modularity of the proven Ricoh ProcessDirector software to mid-level customers who can now benefit from Ricoh’s decades of experience with larger commercial and transactional printers. Ricoh will demonstrate mail-piece tracking via Ricoh ProcessDirector Express with its Mailroom Integrity solution integrated with scanning technology.

TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing

This new offering is a single system workflow for ultra-short run book production created to empower commercial printers and book manufacturers with a trusted and automated solution to adapt to the new trend of ultra short-run books production. It allows printers to automatically batch and gang books together based on specific customisable criteria which enables them to onboard work quickly. Customers can also monitor each title and job with automated tracking and meet job commitments and deadlines with proven integrity capabilities.

TotalFlow DocEnhancer

The plug-in for Adobe Acrobat X Pro, TotalFlow DocEnhancer enables printers to offer new services, such as document reengineering and cross-media marketing to satisfy customers who need to make last minute changes to PDF files as part of their Adobe PDF workflow process.

Digital or Offset Calculator

This new tool, free and exclusive to all members of the Ricoh Business Driver Programme, identifies which print production process is most appropriate for a particular job. Using the Digital or Offset Calculator, printers can ensure that their offset and digital presses are used in the optimal and most profitable fashion.

These solutions will be available in South Africa in the course of 2013.