In one of the most significant product launches in the history of Ricoh SA, the company has released a range of new and updated multifunction, production, industrial, projection, and wide format equipment alongside controller, variable data printing (VDP), document workflow and process efficiency software to meet the future needs of customers.

The revamped product range, launched at an event held at Melrose Arch, Johannesburg on 18 April, is designed to support the future office, enterprises and graphic arts businesses in commercial print environments.

The new lineup that we are demonstrating is based on extensive research and development (R&D) that Ricoh Global has conducted to help our broad range of clients meet the future needs of their customers. Their world’s are dominated by rising interaction between people and organisations through connected technologies, said Richard Pinker, MD of Ricoh SA. The immediacy with which people expect business to occur is at the core of our new lineup, be that in the office, on the road, or in the production room producing a range of materials, that support their new methods of working, underscored by the desire for a more rapid flow of relevant information.

At the heart of the new offering is DocuWare that integrates document management across systems and devices while simultaneously incorporating control procedures for audits and compliance. It processes any type of document, classifies them, indexes them and makes them available for onward processing.

Organisations gain complete control over their information systems with DocuWare coupled to ERP, BI, CRM, e-mail and other document systems as well as robust functionality embedded in devices across the network, said Pinker. Organisations will derive revenue benefits before cost reductions by improving document processes such as sales and marketing, customer communications, customer on-boarding, service and support, developing new products, and billing and collection. IDC reported in a study sponsored by Ricoh that the number could be as high as 10% to the top line.

Improved document processes can enhance the overall experience of a customer’s interaction with an organisation. Efficient processes, which allow for greater focus on the customer’s needs, can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, which is critical for retention and revenue growth. On the other hand, customers may flee to competitors if confronted by inefficient and ineffective customer-facing document processes, said Pinker.

Future Office

The future office includes other innovative products from Ricoh such as:

  • Unified Communications System (UCS), a portable video conferencing system that relies on Ricoh’s research into machine-to-machine communications to establish reliable connections using dynamic IP address identifiers instead of phone numbers.
  • PJ WX4130N, an ultra short-throw projector about the size of a large lunch tin that can put a 203cm (80”) image on almost any colour background in normal office lighting conditions from as close as 11cm, which means it can be placed on a desk next to a wall and project a clear, rightly proportioned image.

Most organisations have a diverse range of devices and systems that constitute their document and information processes, which is why it is so crucial to ensure cross-platform integration, said Pinker. 


  • Pro C901 Graphic Arts + and Ricoh Pro C901S Graphics Arts +, production printers that include EFI E42 or E82 print servers and new features to speed up job preparation and enable more work per shift based on HyperRIP, which improves performance by processing multiple job pages simultaneously, Xobjects caching to enable PDF files that include Xobjects to print at speeds previously associated only with VDP jobs, inline job editing, ideal for tasks such as the application of additional job options directly from the job list without opening Job Properties, and Job Preset Quick Select that applies the same predefined settings used in virtual printers and hot folders to jobs in the job list.
  • MP CW2200, a four-colour, wide format printer designed to address the CAD market, that uses Liquid Gel ink and suited to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, planning authorities and product design. It is also expected to meet the demands of the print room and quick print markets. Because of the quick drying properties of Liquid Gel ink, the system provides high productivity, minimises blurring and produces superb line accuracy.
  • Pro 1357, designed to meet the unique needs of data centers, service bureaus, digital printers and other production print specialists, it is a black-and-white laser printer that provides a combination of speed, reliability and operational efficiency for uninterrupted performance handling peak volume more easily, improving redundancy and meeting tight deadlines for extremely large jobs.


  • DocuWare, software incorporated into Ricoh’s document solutions package to provides customers with a new way to store and manage paper and electronic documents with ease using a single digital repository. The comprehensive package helps small and medium-sized businesses save time and money, by replacing time-consuming, manual document processes with efficient, electronic workflows, to capture, store, manage and print all documents.
  • EFI Fiery, a print controller for copy and production print environments that provides consistent, professional-quality digital imaging with greater speed, ease of use and seamless workflow management.
  • Ricoh’s variable data printing (VDP) solutions, enable businesses to create business forms and documents, process and distribute them and integrate host data and ink for targeted, relevant business communications that can build loyalty programmes and fuel sales.


  • Printronix P8000, a cartridge printer designed around flexibility, compatibility, reliability and low TCO with modular enclosures that occupy a smaller footprint while delivering location and installation flexibility, sheet metal construction for increased durability and better acoustics, new user interface with larger LCD screen, graphical display and intuitive menu navigation, remote printer diagnostics for monitoring printer status and remotely configure settings and firmware. 
  • Printronix T2N, a small thermal printer that is easy to use and focuses on the value segment, it is the industrial thermal bar code printer to offer Ethernet connectivity as standard, direct thermal and thermal transfer printing, as well as a real time clock in one unit at its entry-level price.