Kornit Digital in Israel presented South African distributor Rexx Screen
and Digital Supplies with the Rookie of the year award for their
exceptional sales performance as the best new Kornit Digital distributor
for 2011. This award is exceptionally meaningful as the performance was
delivered in only a six month period. The award was presented at a gala
event during the Kornit Digital Forum which took place in Israel from
5-9 December in Tel Aviv, Israel.    

There is now an install base of 10 Kornit Digital direct on garment
printers in the Southern African region with five of these being
installed in the second half of 2011. The success of these printers as
the only industrial quality direct on garment printers has been
phenomenal and the install base is now growing rapidly with further
units en-route to customers in the region. All the models have proven to
be highly successful in the Southern African market depending on
customers required print format size and daily production output

With many new product developments and model enhancements, Kornit is set
to expand and grow rapidly in the region as digital direct on garment
printing continues to gain market acceptance, especially in the
promotional clothing and fashion market segments. As print quality,
printing speed and printer reliability have reached optimum levels, the
demand for the products has increased dramatically with customers
identifying the fact that Kornit’s printers offer the most reliable and
cost effective solutions available.

Rexx Screen and Digital Supplies is confident that the growth in the
direct on garment printing industry will continue to expand
exponentially during 2012 and look forward to the expanding portfolio of
innovative, industry leading products. As the Allegro direct on fabric
roll to roll printer becomes officially available towards the end of the
year, the scope and potential applications will increase dramatically.