Re-ordering made easy with Printspace Web-to-print site


YEMO Printspace:Web-to-Print, also referred to Print-on-Demand, resources are making it easier for small and large businesses alike to print with faster turn-around times than ever before. These online capabilities reduce costs because they create a streamline process that knock out the need for a middleman for most projects. Many printers have set up extensive digital workflows that allow for significant automatic processing so that once you upload your file, your print project flows directly into production for delivery back to you in a few days.

These web based access points make it easier for businesses to create stunning pieces of marketing collateral easily, quickly and affordable by utilizing a single hub. These hubs range from generalized site easily accessed by single users to protected login sites customized to keep corporate branding and expenses private and controlled.

A summary of the advantages of Web-to-Print sites are:

Accessibility and tractability – Online access to print material and print designs makes it easy to order and re-order marketing collateral by any employee assigned with a user name and password to the site. Password access allows inexpensive and easy control over who can order what and how much they can spend. Functionally, the site operates as an e-commerce print/mail acquisition site.
Personalization and customization – Web-to-Print sites make it very easy to get exactly what you want in the quantity that you want when you want it. Whether through an open upload e-commerce site or a customized protected login site, templates can be setup and easily personalized for each user — including the upload of print ready artwork file.
Fast turnaround for responsive marketing and sales – Time is money, especially in this economy. Many businesses do not have time to wait. Using a Web-to-Print site gets the project moving. Each Web-to-Print site can be designed to house pre-configured templates controlling the uniform branding on all materials. Using these easy-to-customize templates, the project moves directly into automated production workflows. A basic brochure or postcard order placed from a Web-to-Print site can usually be completed in 24 to 72 hours. Your company message gets out into the market on-time.
Budget friendly and Reduced waste – Having a Web-to-Print site is very beneficial to both your business budget and waste reduction. These sites generally work using digital printing technologies that minimize waste. You only pay for the number of pieces that you need, not some “minimum quantity”, and there is minimal waste sent to a landfill.
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