Rapid 3D Taking Businesses To New Dimension With 3D Product Showcase At Africa Print Expo


Rapid 3D will showcase the Markforged and Zortrax M200 3D printers at the Africa Print Expo, taking place from 7-9 September at Gallagher Convention Centre.


The Mark Two has two print heads. One builds nylon parts and the other is a revolutionary new composite print head to reinforce those parts with continuous fibre. By reinforcing your parts with composite fibre while 3D printing them, the Mark Two achieves unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability in its printed parts. In addition to printing nylon, the Mark Two prints materials that no other 3D printer can, like Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass and Kevlar.

Continuous fibre reinforced nylon parts can be used by packaging designers for rapid manufacturing as well as by Point of Sale designers and retail display units and FSU designers for short run/mass customisation promotions.

Rapid 3D will also showcase a few samples of the new super strong Onyx material.


The Zortrax M200 carefully reproduces the dimensions of any 3D model, so you can print highly detailed elements, knowing that each copy is exactly the same. It can also print on a variety of materials.

Available materials for printing include: ABS plastic for printing concept models and mockups for display. The wide range of colours gives the ability to choose different material options for 3D printing gadgets, figurines, rapid prototyping and fully functional parts for Point-of-Sale, Retail Display Units and FSU applications.

It is also ideal for end use applications in short runs and mass customisation applications.

Entrance to the event is free. For more information about the event and to pre-register online, please visit www.AfricaPrintExpo.com.

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