QuadTech will showcase its fully automated, on the floor yet inspected through the web newspaper printing solutions at the WAN-IFRA India Expo this year.
QuadTech press controls share a common ICON integrated platform which provides real-time press control from a single point that generates and stores press performance data. There is a presence of quality optimisation control for operators who can then compare productivity and make strategic decisions according to previous and live runs.
The solution includes a closed-loop Colour Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam, which is enhanced with water control that sets productivity and quality standards at major newspaper printing operations around the world. The systems advanced web inspection typically detects defects within the first 170 copies, and continuously throughout the print run. As well as offering advanced image based colour control, the system provides reliable warnings of many common printing faults.
Part of this automated solution is QuadTechs Digital Ink System, for web offset printers, replaces conventional ink fountains with computer-controlled ink injectors. This provides precise density control across the printed image by metering the exact volume of ink required in each control zone consistently, at all press speeds. Removing the need for gap settings results in a more consistent ink density throughout the entire printing run.
The last piece on this solution puzzle is the QuadTechs Register Guidance System with MultiCam, which is a closed-loop colour-to-colour register control system designed to work on the ICON integrated platform with other QuadTech products.
The MultiCam design can search the entire repeat length of the web, identifying marks as small as 0.36mm (0.014in). It processes large volume of data generated by searching for register marks on text heavy newspaper pages using unique FPGA-based hardware and can make adjustments at press speeds of up to 17.8 metres per second.
Karl Fritchen, President of QuadTech said, Our focus on innovation has helped establish a new standard in quality and waste control in the newspaper printing workflow. And our global presence and service capabilities gives printers full, local access to support at every stage of the print workflow. WAN-IFRA India Expo gives the regions visitors a chance to appreciate this powerful combination of benefits first hand.