Printing Industries Of America Recognises Techkon SpectroDens


The SpectroDens has received a prestigious 2018 InterTech Technology Award from Printing Industries of America. The product offers a totally new user experience for press operators and quality managers. The judging panel recognised the ease of use, practicality, and value built into SpectroDens.

According to Jim Workman, vice president of the PIA Centre for Technology and Research, the judges saw a variety of innovations in the SpectroDens that led them to believe that it is going to become the spectrophotometer of choice in many pressrooms.

Among the key innovations in the SpectroDens:
• Special design with a patented, side mounted aperture, allowing the operator to easily position the optics on the colour patch and have visual confirmation of correct positioning.
• Integrated scan modes without additional hardware.
• Ultra-high definition spectral sensor.
• Solid-state spectral engine, no moving parts or spinning filter wheels for highest reliability and long-term accuracy.
• Wireless inductive charging for maintenance free charging. 
• Exchangeable aperture: 1.5mm or 3mm apertures depending on measurement requirements.
• Techkon’s InkCheck feature, which provides specific ink density adjustments to obtain the highest colour match.

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