Primera Launches LX910e Colour Label Printer


The LX910e uses a new, very high capacity thermal inkjet print head that was designed from the start to be unmatched in its performance. With the LX910e, users will quickly and easily get all the labels needed with professional print quality on each and every label, free of horizontal banding or streaks down the length of the output.

Users can print just one or thousands of labels at a time with identical or unique data on every label. Print with dye or pigment ink, all in the same printer, by simply changing out an ink cartridge. Dye ink has brilliant, vivid colours for making eye-catching prime labels for products. Pigment ink is highly durable for more industrial applications. Users can choose the one that best fits the task without buying two separate printers.

Features include:

  • Fast print speeds, with up to 114mm (4.5”) per second print speeds, labels will be produced quickly and efficiently.
  • Dual ink system: print with dye-based ink for the most colourful and vibrant looking labels. Swap out the all-in-one ink cartridge in 2-3 seconds and print with pigment ink for the most durable inkjet labels.
  • Single ink cartridge: the all-new, highly advanced ink technology used by LX910e is unique, requiring only a single ink cartridge to produce incredible, best-in-class results. The secret is in the nozzles. Ink droplets are fired so precisely that there’s no need for a separate black ink cartridge. The resulting ‘process’ black is exceptional. It also costs no more to use than dealing with an extra black ink cartridge. With the LX910e, the user has got just one ink SKU to keep track of, without compromising results.
  • Tough, powder-coated metal case.
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