Presstek Announces Eco-UV 52DI Presses


The 52DI digital offset press with integrated Eco-UV has the combined benefits of UV printing with the superior quality and ease-of-use of DI digital offset printing.

Benefits of the integrated system include faster drying times for overall accelerated production, the ability to print on a full range of substrates, including non-porous materials and uncoated stocks, and certain environmental advantages. The Eco-UV system requires only one quarter the power consumption of standard UV systems and produces very little heat.

Owning a Presstek DI Eco-UV digital offset press positions a commercial print business to address today’s requirements for fast turnaround high value printing on specialty substrates such as packaging, gift cards, labels, point-of-purchase materials and direct mail. The Presstek 52DI is a 52cm landscape four-colour press that images media directly on press in precise register going from digital file to printed sheet in under 10 minutes.

‘Presstek continues to add more value to its DI presses, already a perfect fit for the short-run full colour print market,’ said Ian Pollock EAMER Sales Director. ‘With Presstek DI Eco-UV digital offset presses, customers can print on a wider variety of substrates including PVC, paper and card stock from 0.06mm to 0.5mm, opening up opportunities in areas such as plastic card production, wet glue labels and carton board. Add the fact that the press can print 300lpi and FM screening, the fine detail it can produce is second to none. This new range of print applications combined with our CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) program offering savings up to 50%, we can show customers that their return on investment on Presstek DI presses is more cost effective than they might think.’

Presstek also introduced the GemPlate, an exciting new 100% chemistry-free ‘develop on press’ thermal printing plate. The open platform GemPlate images on industry-standard 830nm thermal platesetters. Once imaged, GemPlate can be mounted directly on press where fountain solution and ink remove the plate’s unexposed areas, leaving the polymerised, hardened, exposed ink-receptive image areas unaffected.

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