Powerbind Achieves CE Certification


Powerbind has announced that the coveted Conformité Européene (CE) certification mark was recently awarded to two of the smaller models of its auto feed sticky note manufacturing machines.

Approximately 34 of the Specialised Adhesive Process (SAP) models have been installed all over the world, mainly in the U.S.A. Now that Powerbind has achieved the CE mark, it can sell its products in the European Union.

‘Acquiring the CE Certification is not an easy task, and is very expensive. I have been preoccupied about this for 10 years, so this is a dream come true. We are very excited,’ said Wynand Boshoff, CEO, Powerbind.

The SAP design concept came to fruition after many years of Research and Development. This concept empowers even the smallest printer to produce high quality sticky notes in-house, using his/her existing print equipment to personalise the sticky notes.

Working sheet-to-sheet, the SAP can also facilitate variable data – every other little sheet may carry a different image/advertisement. Glue line positioning can be altered to almost any sized sticky note. One can even produce calenderised mouse pads together with smaller notes. The SAP can handle light boards, for example bookmarks, a first in this field.

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