Pixartprinting has announced the largest installation in the world of Durst P10 UV large format printers, with seven Durst 10 picolitre UV inkjet printers.

After the field test installation of the first roll to roll Rho P10 320R in May and of a flatbed Rho P10 200 the month after, Pixartprinting confirmed the order of another five P10 systems: two other roll to roll Rho P10 320R, installed in June and three other flatbed P10 with feeder and stacker coming in autumn.

The new technology with 10 picolitre print heads immediately caught Pixartprinting’s eye so that on May 10th, while the P10 range was officially presented to the European market at drupa, the first roll to roll Pho P10 320R was installed in the Quarto D’Altino production department and, after just a few weeks, joined by the flatbed P10 200.

Alessandro Tenderini – Pixartprinting General Manager, said, The roll to roll is an amazing machine. We are printing at full regime on banners and microperforated paper with astonishing results. A surprising technology with peerless quality. Many have tried in the past but colour gripping inevitably appeared. Yet Durst succeeded and, I believe, the P10 technology is the change that the digital printing market has been looking for after years of stagnant quality.

The Rho P10 200, an efficient system, also proved highly satisfactory in Pixartprinting’s tests on all rigid supports offered in the catalogue. Furthermore, we were pleasantly surprised by the proactiveness with which Durst is meeting our demands, saidd Matteo Rigamonti, Pixartprinting President. The Rho P10 200 was not originally designed for industrial production. For the number of processes we manage every day, the feeder & stacker system – fitted on the previous Durst flatbeds we’ve installed – is an essential plus for us. The Durst R&D department thus immediately started studying the possibility of integrating automatic loading/unloading on the P10 200 so that we have confirmed the order of other 3 flatbeds that will be installed within November. This is the umpteenth confirmation of the fact that choosing the best technology is not enough. It is important to instill true teamwork with technological partners.