The company has launched its web shop to further enhance its service offering to its more than 4 000 customers in South Africa and to make access to consumables easier. The company is known for helping its customers achieve greater productivity through proven technological solutions.
Michael Springer, Managing Director of Pitney Bowes SA, said the company believes that technology is the key to enhancing and streamlining its customer service.
Rather than relying on time-consuming phone calls, our customers can now shop on-line, at their leisure, browse our product range and make their order at the click of a button, he said.
Because of the sheer number of customers, it was proving challenging to maintain relationships and keep tabs on customers’ requirements purely telephonically; and so the web shop has opened a new channel of selling, with the emphasis on making life easier for the customer, said Thoko Gumede, Managing Director of Pitney Bowes Batsumi Enterprise, the Black Empowered arm of Pitney Bowes SA.
With a prestigious Level one BBBEE rating and strong governmental customer base, Pitney Bowes Batsumi Enterprise focuses on selling consumables such as print cartridges and envelopes, and as such, will also be utilising the web shop to extend its sales capabilities to its customers.
The web shop was designed for ease of use, providing instant and transparent access to the full range of office consumables, complete with photographs, to ensure that customers know what they are getting, said Gumede.
The Pitney Bowes consumables range includes print cartridges, envelopes, paper, binders, laminators and other office supplies – many of which, as Springer points out, are sourced locally.
The companys famous mailing and office equipment is also available through the web shop, such as table top shredding, folding and sorting machines.
Springer describes the further benefits of the new web shop: We offer credit card facilities, so that new customers, who may not have the time to apply for an account, can simply purchase right then and there. In addition, there is a telephone number, so if at any stage a customer has a query, or needs advice, there is always someone on hand to assist.
The web shop also entices customers through its monthly specials with attractive offers that are only available through the online channel.
However, as Springer noted, credibility is an important consideration for first-time web shoppers.
Fortunately, our customers have the assurance that the company has the strong international backing of our parent company, with its more than 90 years of mailstream innovation and expertise. So, we not only offer a globally proven product, but total security and peace of mind.
When it comes to delivery, Pitney Bowes has outsourced to local experts in transport and logistics, who hold stock, manage logistics and deliver to all the major centres around South Africa.
Our guarantee is that you will receive your order within five working days, although we strive to deliver within two to three days; and if there should be delay, we will advise you promptly, said Springer.
Switching from telephonic orders to online shopping requires a change of purchasing mindset, noted Springer, who acknowledged that there will always be a use for the telephone for those organisations whose policies don’t make provision for ‘web-shopping’.
We look forward to continually extending our product range and enhancing the ways in which we can make our customers’ lives easier, said Springer.