It has just become cheaper to print on really thick media stocks. The new Intec XP2020 extreme heavy stock colour digital printer can handle media up to an industry beating 600gsm and 600micron thick. It is also up to 20 per cent cheaper to run than the Intec CP2020.

The new range of printing presses was unveiled to Intec staff at the company’s UK headquarters during a lunchtime presentation by Managing Director Ian Melville. He explained the worldwide roll-out of the XP2020 would take place from Tuesday, November 1 and that all Intec partners will each receive a special personalised launch pack over the next few weeks.

It’s taken 12 months to realise this achievement, explained Mr Melville, adding that Intec Printing Solutions has ploughed considerable investment into developing the unique new engine and consumables.

Intec is now embarking on a significant marketing campaign to promote the XP2020, he revealed, stressing that the XP2020 compliments the existing CP2020 and that both will run in tandem. He says that Intec’s larger range of solutions will enable the company to achieve greater market penetration.

Manufactured in a carbon neutral factory in the UK, the Intec XP2020 print engine forms the foundation of an entirely new range and category of extreme heavy stock colour digital print systems. The XP2020 range features the Intec PFS250, DMP450, DMP450LF, HPP550 and MMC350.

We recognised a strong need for a much more capable range of printers with lower running costs, said Mr Melville, adding, Savvy businesses want to save money, particularly during tough economic times but they also want to punch above their weight. This new solution satisfies on both fronts.

Those concerned about the cost per copy should be drawn to the new XP2020 range, which is particularly well-suited to large quantities of printing in production environments. This new model line-up compliments the existing CP2020 range. As with the CP2020 it is modular so that end users can add further options and accessories to their machines over time, he concluded.

Every XP2020 comes with a full set of cost saving, high capacity toners producing 18,500 mono prints and 16,500 A4 colour pages.

So to sum up, there is now a family of Intec digital printers: the CP2020 range suitable for lighter workloads and the XP2020 line-up capable of tackling larger print runs offering lower running costs over the lifetime of the machine.

Key features:

Up to 20 per cent cheaper to run than the Intec CP2020
Broad spectrum of media capability: 600gsm or 600micron
Increased hardware productivity with 1GB RAM
Software and firmware upgrades: MAC OSX 10.7 and Windows OS 7 including 32/64 bit
More intuitive ‘out of the box’ experience with printer settings in print driver.