PaperSpecs Releases Foil Cheat Sheet

Crafted in cooperation with the Foil and Specialty Effects Association (FSEA), the Foil Cheat Sheet is a single go-to source for everything creatives need to know about using foil in their print work. The guide allows users to compare all the various types of foiling at once, from hot and cold foil to toner-based and varnish-based digital foiling.
PaperSpecs Founder Sabine Lenz explained, ‘There are ample references out there for hot foiling, of course, and some cold foil ones. But when it comes to digital foiling with the ever-increasing options available, there really was a need to see all the benefits and limitations of each system laid out side by side. To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done before. It’s certainly never been done this clearly.’
'To me it was important that creatives have an overview of their foiling options – especially the short-run ones provided by digital. Something that they could turn to as a reference time and time again,’ said Jeff Peterson, FSEA Executive Director.
PaperSpecs, in collaboration with FSEA and Orlando printer Sundance, produced a limited-edition print version of the Foil Cheat Sheet. A free download is available at
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