Pantone Announces Colour Communication Cooperation

Pantone Announces Colour Communication Cooperation

A cooperation between Pantone and Kafrit Industries (1993) Ltd – a global master batch plastic producer – is part of a larger Pantone licencing initiative to meet the growing needs of brands, designers and producers for fast, precise, and efficient colour communication and specification across multiple material types.

‘We are excited to apply the efficiency of Pantone Colour Systems to our product lines at Kafrit Industries,’ said Nadav Goldstein, Kafrit’s VP of Business Development. ‘Kafrit has an expanding global footprint and a range of high-performance, quality plastic master batch materials. We are looking forward to complementing these capabilities with market exposure that only Pantone can provide.’

Under the licencing initiative, plastic master batch suppliers obtain the right to develop plastic materials in a variety of resins, which Pantone evaluates and approves as meeting Pantone’s range of colour identities. For these approved materials, plastic master batch licensees are granted the right to advertise that their products are available in Pantone Colours and can make use of related Pantone trademarks.

Pantone Colours for this undertaking reference Pantone Plastic Chip Colours formulated in popular polypropylene resin, as Pantone-approved matches to the two most popular Pantone Colour Systems.

The ink-on-paper Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a colour system recognised around the world and used for brand identity, product-line differentiation, packaging, labels and other printed materials. PMS colours appear in various print forms, but are also intended to match containers, packages, closures and product colours.

The cotton Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Colour System (FHI) is relied on by leading fashion brands, designers, and home products companies to explore, select and specify highly achievable colours with their supply-chain partners. Related accessories, closures, trim or hardlines must often coordinate or match to FHI textile colours as well.

The availability of Pantone PMS- and FHI-coloured plastic master batch material from Pantone-licenced suppliers gives brands and buyers confidence their plastic materials will achieve design intent, meet strict colour requirements, and reduce trial and error associated with historic custom colour matching and sampling.

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