Optimising Document Workflow In Transactional Environments With Tailor-Made Solutions


Too many organisations lack a coherent document strategy that provides a framework for managing, tracking, and controlling information and unifying disparate workflows. If you’re producing mission-critical transactional documents, then you know any delay or error can cost thousands of Rands in lost revenue and cash flow issues.

You need smarter ways of generating and managing print resources, accelerating response rates, unifying processes and personnel, and supporting converging data streams, applications and systems to eliminate the challenges unique to this environment.

These include:

· Creating and managing print resources.
· Multiple systems and dedicated staff experts.
· The high cost of programming skills.
· Adding data-driven graphics to increase comprehension.
· Taking production printers out of operation to create accurate proofs.
· Supporting converging applications and multiple PDLs and job types.
· Increasing throughput without increasing floor space.
· Verifying content and delivery.
· Storing, retrieving, and reprinting data.

Unfortunately, off-the-shelf workflow solutions do not always address those workflow steps and processes that are unique to this specific business environment.

Designed to streamline production of mission-critical documents in production data centre or midrange enterprise resource planning environments, Océ PRISMA for Transactional Environments unifies workflow to Océ and third party devices to help business regain control of their workflow, contain costs, improve efficiency, and eliminate delays and errors.

With Océ PRISMA, production data centres can take advantage of powerful application and resource creation tools that automate document creation, design, and preparation with accurate digital proofing and document preparation tools. Océ PRISMA also transforms production and post-production processes with robust indexing and document management capabilities that simplify storage, retrieval, and reprinting, while UP3i support and easy integration with existing and third party systems optimises document finishing. Meanwhile, powerful document tracking and data verification options ensure that the right document is printed with the right information and inserted into the right envelope before mailing.

In midrange electronic data processing operations, the Océ PRISMA Transaction for Midrange ERP solution set simplifies forms design and one-to-one personalisation, expands output options to include print, e-mail, web, and fax, and automates reprinting, all using a single, unified workflow to drive Océ and non-Océ devices and manage multiple systems, page description languages, and sites.

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