OKI South Africa (OKI SA) discussed the best managed print services and how they should reduce current printing, irrespective of the print job size and imaging costs and provide an evident foundation for savings.

According to OKI SA, managed print services offer companies a range of benefits, namely a range of choices. Managed Print Services firstly assess the current printing equipment of the company to ensure that the correct equipment is correctly utilised for the correct task. Then suggestions on which equipment would meet the printing requirements of the company, and ensure the most cost effective manner for the company.

Managed print services are most beneficial in high document intense offices. The best example would be law offices, which may see a total savings of 41% with the correct Managed Print Service; financial firms would save a total of 33%, and healthcare organisations a total of 27% of savings respectively.

OKI suggests that the elimination of all unnecessary equipment mean less maintenance and buying of consumables on unnecessary equipment which will lead to large amounts of savings. The managed print Services benefit offers predictable printing, that allow your company’s printing costs to be more predictable, making allowances for unplanned replacements for the equipment which would not cause such a financial strain to the company.
With managed print services, consolidate all spending for consumables within the entire company, rather than losing out on volume discounts. Another added bonus is that companies are also able to use their Information Technology (IT) staff more efficiently. These IT staff members could assist with the managing of the printers used by the office.

Managed print services benefit: Hardware Consolidation (rightsizing the print environment is an essential process as most companies maintain more equipment such as printers, copiers, scanners and fax (machines than are necessary).

In closing OKI stated that, for companies to accurately and effortlessly determine the correct amount of hardware, their chosen service provider must provide an accurate count of all relevant hardware, it must log the age of the unit and its monthly use volumes. Depending on the size of the company, the totals may average one device for every one or two employees. Print experts can diminish the hardware count without any impact to productivity by finding more proficient hardware printers, for instance the OKI Range Multifunction Printers.

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