OKI Challenges Managed Print Services Misconceptions


Ten years ago, Managed Print Services (MPS), was an unfamiliar concept but as the need for host services rapidly increased across industries, so did the awareness and understanding of MPS solutions. Despite this rapid growth, there are still many misconceptions regarding MPS solutions.

These misconceptions include:

MPS cost too much to justify implementation. Through employing MPS solutions, companies reduce their total annual costs by at least three percent. Employing an MPS solution may however cost an extra amount in the initial first three months’ implementation process, but after these three months cost reductions are evidently noticed.

MPS do not need to be outsourced to professionals. This misconception rarely ever produces effective MPS solution providers, as MPS solution providers are experts in their specific field. Consequently, an organisation not trained in the field of MPS may result in further cost increases for the organisation. Accredited MPS providers are trained in their chosen field, intern ensure that cost reductions are measurable and obtainable for the organisation.

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