Océ has introduced the Océ ColorStream 3500 high-speed inkjet system. The new product line extends the proven Océ JetStream inkjet series as part of the fastest growing inkjet portfolio in the industry. In addition, the new system extends the reach of the Océ inkjet systems as solution for mailstream environments to transition to full-colour printing.

The systems has a unique combination of CMYK output, fifth and sixth colour printing and simplex/duplex flexibility previously available only on Océ industry leading toner-based continuous feed printers.

The flexible full-colour web press gives customers a reliable solution for transaction, TransPomo, direct mail, book and manual applications. The Océ ColorStream 3500 provides a modular offering in various single and twin configurations. The production and media flexibility contributes to a future-proof system that simplifies the transition of applications and business models to more sophisticated documents with variable personalisation and smarter communication in colour, said Jaco Smit, DDS product manager at Océ South Africa.

Users can choose from a combination of specialty inks, including MICR, along with CMYK printing to support the widest range of business opportunities. The broad range of standard and special papers between 60–160g/sqm ensures versatility for all types of printing requirements.

Productivity and flexibility for high-speed colour production

The Océ ColorStream 3500 system offers extreme productivity for users with volumes up to 12 million A4 pages per month on a single system or up to 24 million A4 images per month on a twin system.

The Océ ColorStream 3500 system prints at 75 metres per minute with a print width of 540 mm. That translates to 505 A4-size pages per minute (ppm) for a single unit or 1010 A4-size ppm for a twin configuration, at 600 x 600 dpi resolution. With optional multilevel dot modulation, crisp details and smooth halftones can be produced at full-rated speed.

The Océ ColorStream 3500 system is the first high volume, full-colour inkjet system that combines Océ DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology, Océ SRA MP controller power and the flexibility of Océ VarioStream L-, H- or U-shape twin configurations. Users can quickly switch from duplex to simplex printing without compromising productivity.

Customers can start small and grow colour business

Smit said that while the majority of the digital print volume is still monochrome, the market is trending towards full colour plus additional colours. An entry-level monochrome configuration of the Océ ColorStream 3500 system allows print providers to start with small colour volumes and just the same be prepared for future colour business.

The transition to colour often comes gradually and typically not all the print volume switches to full colour immediately. In the early stage, the majority of the volume remains monochrome, while a small but growing share switches to colour, he added.

The flexible Océ ColorStream 3500 system allows users to adapt the printing mode to match their pace of colour transition. A fifth or sixth colour is easily field-upgraded. A full-colour Océ ColorStream 3500 can be set up as monochrome-only system when needed.

In addition to Océ’s new high fidelity pigmented inkset for CMYK printing customers may add MICR or other specialty inks.

The Océ ColorStream 3500 system encourages greater daily operational efficiency through its high ease-of-use for the operator. Printer operators can manage the inkjet system as easy as their existing continuous feed devices through wide operator intervention spaces inside the system, easy-to-adjust sensors, paper feed support and the familiar Océ GUI look and feel.

Low impact integration and coexistence with data centre infrastructure

The Océ ColorStream 3500 was specifically designed for data centre suitability and coexistence with their toner-based systems. Its size, weight, power requirements and modular set-up allow the Océ ColorStream 3500 to be installed in almost all environments. Print and data centres can migrate to high-volume full-colour inkjet production with minimum impact on existing infrastructure and workflow.

The traditional right-to-left printing direction of toner-based continuous feed systems was chosen for the Océ ColorStream 3500 system for easier integration into existing paper logistics. Printed rolls leave the printer on the same side as they do on toner-based machines. From there, rolls can either be rewound or processed with appropriate post-processing equipment. Post processing coexistence with current and future systems is also enabled through Type1 connectivity that allows direct integration with a wide range of partners’ finishing systems, explained Smit.

The transition to full-colour printing is also supported by the smooth integration of the SRA MP controller and Océ PRISMA software, which integrate Océ ColorStream 3500 systems into existing toner- or ink-based workflows without disruption. This makes it easier to embed new full-colour applications such as personalised direct mail and TransPromo documents into existing workflows.

Building on a market-leading colour portfolio

The market leading Océ colour continuous feed technology has helped many printers transition to high-volume full-colour printing. At the same time, the flexibility and reliability of the Océ VarioStream family helped secure market leadership for Océ in the monochrome continuous feed market for more than 15 consecutive years. The Océ ColorStream 3500 system brings the best of both product families into one solution, along with the colour workflow, processing power and consultancy competence that have made Océ the leader in continuous feed colour.

With the new Océ ColorStream 3500, we listened to the market and expanded our inkjet offering with a solution that combines Océ DigiDot quality, the flexibility of the Océ VarioStream family and the full-colour productivity of the well established Océ JetStream products, said Smit.

By consequently expanding our continuous feed colour family, we can cover the widest range of market requirements. The Océ ColorStream 3500 meets both full-colour and monochrome demands, along with the need for efficient simplex and duplex printing.

Océ introduced simplex/duplex twin flexibility to the monochrome continuous feed market in 1984, and now brings this experience to the fast-growing continuous feed colour arena. The productivity and reliability of Océ DigiDot technology, up to six-colour printing and high-end print quality, make the Océ ColorStream 3500 the foundation customers need for a smooth transition from monochrome to full colour. Print producers can move to full colour with the minimal impact on their infrastructure and then extend their range of print services, which results in a very attractive business model, said Smit.

Powerful controller handles high-speed colour workflow

The Océ ColorStream 3500 system fits ideally for the transition to full-colour inkjet and for operations requiring versatility, speed and uncompromising monochrome and colour quality. The Océ ColorStream 3500 system incorporates proven Océ JetStream capabilities, including Océ DigiDot inkjet technology and the next generation of the SRA MP (Massively Parallel) controller architecture, which draws on more than 25 years of experience in high-speed controller development. The Océ SRA MP controller enables high-speed, uninterrupted workflow for AFP/IPDS data streams and rigorous full-colour digital printing. It incorporates the latest advances in AFP colour technology and PDF printing through the Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5.