New Xeikon Tool Advises Label Converters How To Stay Ahead With Digital Production


Xeikon will be formally launching its new TRANSFORM advisory tool, which advises label converters how to stay ahead with digital production.

On, the company shares its digital printing expertise with the international label community, offering insight on ways to transform a label printing business. Starting now, visitors to the website can consult Xeikon and get advice on the ideal digital set-up for their business by simply answering a few questions. As a pioneer in full colour digital label printing, Xeikon has gathered a wealth of knowledge on the key success factors in implementing digital production.

‘Looking at today’s consumer-driven trends and the evolving diversity in consumer behaviour, label converters are confronted with a number of challenges in terms of varying run lengths, increasing number of jobs, long runs over many versions, personalisation, and just-in-time delivery needs while running their operational costs effectively. Digitising their print manufacturing process helps them to address these challenges,’ commented Filip Weymans, Xeikon VP marketing. ‘Digital printing can be the inspiration to undergo such a transformation. There is no one scenario for such transformation as this depends on business strategies, so conscious choices need to be made when selecting the right print technology, workflow setup, converting processes, etc. With TRANSFORM, we provide a tool that guides business owners in this transformation process.’

‘We have the deepest market understanding allowing us to offer label converters tailored advice on how to start with digital or optimise existing digital production,’ continued Weymans. ‘By just asking five simple questions related to their business, we provide personal advice that can set them on the right track to choose the ideal configuration for their business strategy out of almost 200 possible digital label production setups.’

Xeikon will be operating three popular configurations during its launch later this year:

1. The Label Discovery Package: entry-level solution addressing 90% of all end-user label applications

Data shows that 25% of all label manufacturers have not yet implemented digital technology into their operations. For these companies, and for any business looking to make money with only 1000 metres of label per day, this is the ideal solution. The Xeikon Label Discovery Package is an entry-level offering, consisting of a Xeikon 3030 digital label press and a Xeikon entry Dcoat digital converting line with varnish, semi rotary die-cutting, and rewind. Using an industrial press, related consumables and semi rotary die-cutting technology, it ensures the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the entry-level market. The ability to operate both full colour and full colour+white allows users to address the higher-value markets using clear or metallic substrates, and as such produce 90% of all label applications.

2. The Xeikon CX500: high-end food and wine label printing

Unique in the digital landscape, the set-up with the flagship Xeikon CX500 holds the promise for label converters looking to take the next step into digital and tap into new applications and products. Thanks to its advanced technology, its web width and its actual print speed, the Xeikon CX500 delivers the highest quality and productivity in the digital press landscape for full colour+white jobs, for jobs with large sized labels, and for long-run jobs over multi versions. Of all digital print technologies, dry toner offers the highest levels of food safety, and Xeikon’s latest toner generation, the Xeikon QB-toner, has been designed for food labels and even takes the upcoming regulations into account. The Xeikon CX500 also gives maximum substrate versatility. It prints without any problems on natural papers typically used for the wine and spirit market, one of most challenging substrates for printing in general. And this while keeping colour strength and delivering the highest quality expected by this market.

3. The Xeikon PX3000: health and beauty and high performance durable label printing

The third setup, the Xeikon PX3000, showcases Xeikon’s UV inkjet technology, the Panther technology. This is of particular interest for specific end-use applications in the health and beauty, premium beer, industrial, and household chemicals sectors. The Panther technology (UV inkjet) is a reliable solution for label converters who newly entered these segments, or for label businesses looking to optimise their digital production by eliminating the need for varnish and/or laminate.

The Panther Series, Xeikon’s range of UV inkjet presses, offer a glossy look and feel sought after in health and beauty and premium beer labels. In addition, the newly launched HAPTIC printing allows users to even better address this market by enabling a unique tactile feel in print. Without the need for special tools and related setup time, this high-end effect can be achieved on the Xeikon PX3000. High-performance, durable labels put a high demand on the durability of the ink and their adhesion to the substrate. The unique Xeikon Panther DuraCure technology, that combines both LED and HG (mercury) curing in one pass, achieves just that. The combining in-depth (LED) and surface (HG) curing creates an ink layer that is highly resistant to chemicals, temperature, sunlight, and mechanical abrasion.

Xeikon aXelerate: going the extra mile

‘Understanding the wider capabilities of digital printing is what really differentiates Xeikon. For example: one of the biggest challenge in today’s market is how to match colours across different presses, different print technologies, and different substrates. While this might seem very complicated, we make it easy with the Xeikon Color Services. Our Color Services provide a methodology for colour matching across different substrates, matching previously printed jobs independently of the technology used, and matching colour between any digital or conventional printing technology. Feedback states that this is one of the most valuable tools for any label manufacturing operation, as time and materials can easily be wasted,’ explained Weymans.

These solutions will be launched and demonstrated at the upcoming Labelexpo 2019 in Europe. Xeikon, a division of Flint Group, will be present at its Flint Group stand during the showcase. Visitors to this booth will discover how the ‘Flint Group Label Factory’ offers an unmatched product and services portfolio that covers all steps of the value chain for label printing, and addresses most industry needs.


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