New DTM Print Foil Imprinter Designed For Finishing And Highlighting Product Labels

New DTM Print Foil Imprinter Designed For Finishing And Highlighting Product Labels.

The DTM FX510e Foil Imprinter is an ideal accessory to any desktop label printer. As the imprinting process is completely digital, virtually any design elements like borders, graphics, fonts and backgrounds can be printed. A fast and efficient one-colour personalisation for POS or point of interest (POI) applications is possible as well.

With the FX510e, users can add shiny metallic or laminated highlights both to blank or already pre-printed labels, whether they have been produced by inkjet, laser, offset or flexo printing.

The FX510e differs far more than in mere appearance from the previous model, the FX500e. Besides a new chassis, the printer contains an internal multifunctional roll holder, allowing the use of rolls with a core of up to 76mm (3”). An external passive label unwinder mounted on roller bearings is also included. It supports label rolls with a maximum size of 114mm (4.5”), a core of up to 76mm and an outer diameter of up to 254mm (10”).

This label unwinder can be used with other inkjet printing systems. The free-swinging label roll adapter allows the roll to unwind without tension. Market research has revealed that products containing shiny highlights in their labels become an eye-catcher and let them stand out even more in retail shelves. The label itself appears precious and emphasises the quality and value of each product. Metallic highlights especially convey a message of luxury and elegance and are perfectly suitable for fine wines, delicacies and cosmetics.

Metallic foils in gold, silver, blue and red are available for the FX510e, as well as various spot colours and clear foil. With the clear laminating foil partial glossy add-ons, comparable with a UV coating, can be applied to the product labels, e.g. for logo design or graphical areas.

As a special highlight, DTM Print offers a new thermal transfer label substrate for the FX510e: DTM Poly Clear Gloss TT. This substrate enables the production of crystal-clear product labels with imprinted elements.

The new foil imprinter is available in two versions: in addition to the standard model, the FX510e, there is the FX510ec, featuring a built-on guillotine cutter which allows users to horizontally cut and die-cut reflective and continuous label stock.

Fast print speeds for the FX510e and for the FX510ec allow users to quickly and cost-efficiently produce labels on-demand in the amount that is actually needed. The FX510e is easy to set-up and operate. Besides the passive label unwinder, the printer driver for Windows 7/10 is included along with the design software NiceLabel® Free 2019 DTM Edition (for Windows) and four colour ribbon starter rolls (gold, silver, red and blue metallic).


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