New Agfa Process-Free Printing Plate Achieves Maximum Throughput On All Thermal Platesetters


Azalea ZP achieves high run lengths of up to 300,000 impressions with conventional inks (100,000 with UV inks). It can be used both for sheetfed and webfed (heatset and coldset) offset printing.

Azalea ZP incorporates all the benefits of process-free technology. It obviates the need for a processor and processing chemistry, plus the ensuing water and energy consumption as well as maintenance and waste disposal costs. Yet this negative-working thermal photopolymer printing plate that is produced in Agfa Graphics Asia’s (AGA’s) state-of-the-art Chinese manufacturing plant, also has a number of other significant benefits on offer.

As the new plate boasts a fast start-up, as well as restarts, and as it quickly achieves the right ink-water balance on press, it saves printers time and money. Its patented double-layer coating gives Azalea ZP the high sensitivity (90 mJ/cm²) required to achieve maximum throughput on all thermal platesetters, as well as chemical and mechanical resistance, even under harsh printing conditions.

‘The introduction of Azalea ZP fits in our ECO³ strategy of sustainable innovation that brings value to printing companies,’ said Jason Ge, Director of Overseas Business. ‘We are committed to providing our customers with hardware, software and consumables that make their prepress and printing operations cleaner (ECOlogy), more profitable (ECOnomy) and easier to operate and maintain (Extra Convenience). The specific needs and preferences of a printing company determine which technology is the best fit for them. Our Azalea 823 chemistry-free plate has already proven to bring ecological advantages to customers. I am convinced that the new Azalea ZP will take the same path.’

Azalea ZP is available as of now in the Agfa Graphics Asia region.

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