Nashua Announces Pro C7100 For Graphic Arts Specialists and Production Printing


The Pro C7100 offers new and unrivalled opportunities for graphic arts specialists and production providers looking to up their printing capacity and speed. With white ink and clear gloss to print on coloured paper and options for metallic-like finishes, among a media library of 1000 substrates, the Pro C7100 offers unlimited opportunities for packaging, direct mail, brochures and business cards, as well as large-scale print projects.

It prints on cling film and transparent media, and can apply spot glosses and watermarks–innovative technology that’s going to revolutionise the South African print production and mass printing industry, while giving businesses that require diverse printing applications the ability to bring these services in house.

Not only does the Pro C7100 offer infinite possibilities for creative design and execution, it’s also geared to streamline office processes, with printing speeds of up to 90 pages per minute, and scanning speeds of 220 pages per minute. A liquid cooling system allows for continuous printing, with no interruptions or errors, and media changes on the fly.

These advancements in technology bring with them streamlined processes, higher outputs and new opportunities for print businesses to expand their offering. Traditionally, print production outlets have had to outsource print jobs outside their capabilities, but this new device allows for a one-stop-shop approach, widening their possible scope of work and increasing revenue streams.

Tighter deadlines on print jobs and complexity of prints means mass printing outlets have to increase their capacity, at a lower price, in order to stay competitive. The Pro C7100’s advanced capabilities reduce the burden of managing heavy workloads, by producing higher volumes with fewer delays, freeing up time and resources to take on additional jobs, and increasing profit as a result.

The Pro C7100 will transform mass production printing operations with unrivalled ‘green’ technology: despite its monumental structure, the device is designed to reduce energy consumption and shrink costs. Intelligent technology also minimises the need for staff to monitor jobs closely, creating a more productive workforce.

Nashua has always been at the forefront of printing technology and looks forward to assisting printing providers across South Africa grow large-scale publishing and creative operations.

‘Business growth and development is now made simple by technology, at a price that significantly lowers barrier to entry,’ said Mark Taylor, Nashua CEO. ‘Nashua is committed to supplying solutions that allow businesses to achieve their full potential, and this device marks a colossal step in that direction.’

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