Muller Martini Announces New Saddle Stitcher

Muller Martini Announces New Saddle Stitcher

Muller Martini’s Prinova saddle stitcher, which includes a number of proven technological features from its ‘big brother,’ the Primera, can be operated centrally.

The Prinova is the ideal solution for short runs, but as an all-rounder, it is also designed for medium-sized runs as well – this is due to its innovative individual feeder. The saddle stitcher, which is capable of 9000 cycles per hour, can be changed over incredibly quickly.

Muller Martini has redesigned the entire feeding station. It now has individual feeders with servo drives. The machine is capable of holding up to 14 individual tiltable feeders that can be operated easily by a single employee thanks to their loading height. As a result, it can be used for several applications, such as manual feeding or determining the optimal height for signatures. The saddle stitcher can therefore be changed over much faster and used to produce (ultra) short runs substantially more efficiently.

Its new user interface, which includes context-based displays and an innovative operating concept, increases the machine’s user-friendliness – which, in turn, shortens the processes. ‘Having all of the settings on a centrally located and large touchscreen instead of all over the place is a huge advantage,’ said Yannick Bucher, the Managing Director of Schär Druckverarbeitung AG in Wikon. The Prinova, ‘which is streamlined and for which Muller Martini focused on the essential’ (according to  Bucher), was thoroughly tested by the Swiss print finishing specialist over the course of six months.

The keywords are user-friendliness and process shortening. Several technical improvements have been made to the Prinova’s three-knife trimmer. For example, the thickness is now conveniently set using a quick-release lever. As a result, the changeover process is now even faster and easier, and top quality is ensured right from the first product. ‘Because it can be opened from the front or the back, this extremely ergonomic three-knife trimmer can be set up much more quickly,’ noted Paul Bucher, Chairman of the Board of Schär Druckverarbeitung AG.

With its good price/performance ratio, the Prinova is the ideal saddle stitcher for printing houses that work with conventional printing methods, are active in digital printing now, or soon will be. That is because as a digital-ready system, it is prepared for the digital transformation and can be expanded to process digital printing jobs. As a result, graphic arts businesses are equipped to face the new challenges of the future, which will provide them with a high level of investment security.

In addition to Motion Control Technology, which results in faster set-up processes, the new Prinova saddle stitcher also includes the new Asir Pro camera system developed by Muller Martini. This system recognises and compares the sections using a 1D/2D code and/or by comparing the images. As a result, end products containing errors are now a thing of the past.

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