MPS Gives Businesses Control of Costs And Processes


According to OKI, Managed Print Services (MPS) ensures that your organisation experiences the chance to gain control of costs and processes of all your office documents’ output.

MPS providers usually manage all your office devices: printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners. MPS providers manage the supplies, maintenance, support and training along with the supplied machinery.

Your chosen MPS works through in-depth evaluation to design and implement the optimal document output environment to ensure your productivity and cost savings are sustainable over time.

Your office printing is transformed for better business results through employing Managed Print Services:
• Improve environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint energy consumption and waste. United Business Managed Print Software allows for the exact calculation of carbon savings associated with more efficiently managed print.
• Within the first three months a total of 30% cost reduction is visible through the use of Managed Print Services.
• Productivity is visibly increased, resulting is sizable profit increases.

MPS allow you to print from any location to any other location (geographical boundaries are nonexistent) in a seamless way. MPS and Managed Print Software enables your organisation’s cost reduction while supporting your security and environmental sustainability initiatives.

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