Mondi Announces New Paper-Based Release Liners

Mondi Announces New Paper-Based Release Liners

The new release liners from Mondi have been created with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified paper to ensure responsible sourcing and, being lighter in weight, they offer a sustainable solution for labels, tapes, envelopes and industrial usage.

The release liners are created using recycled and lightweight materials and provide a more sustainable solution for a range of applications. EverLiner labelite is a lighter option to standard glassine for label applications, with the same thickness of 58gsm glassine but engineered to a reduced weight of 47gsm. This results in 20% less raw material used to produce the liner. The mechanical and transparency properties of the EverLiner labelite are also comparable to standard 58gsm glassine.

Furthermore, its lighter weight allows for optimised transportation. With Mondi using paper from an integrated production process with manufacturing and converting taking place in-house, this leads to a significant reduction in the product’s overall carbon footprint.

EverLiner M R is the first release liner on the market using a recycled base paper. The machine glazed paper (MG) with 70% FSC® recycled certified content reduces the amount of fresh fibres used and is FSC® certified (FSC-C108102 and FSC-C134832), so it ensures responsible sourcing. In a first cooperation with a European label producer, Mondi was able to achieve a significant CO2 reduction for their customer.

‘Our aim is to create sustainable alternatives with no need to change the silicone system in order to offer products that are effective in usage, work for our customers and ultimately help protect the environment,’ said Andrea Lackner, R&D Director Release Liner, Mondi.

‘By using recycled fibres, reducing the amount of material used and looking at the whole production and logistics process, we have been able to create new highly effective options that manufacturers can choose from, depending on their product application and specific needs. We apply our EcoSolutions approach to support customers in developing sustainable packaging solutions and are committed to reduce raw material usage.’


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