Monadnock Paper Mills Partners With HS Manufacturing Group


An exclusive licensing agreement between Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. and HS Manufacturing Group, LLC (HSMG) entails the use of the HS SILVA plant-based coating and additive chemistry.

The functional characteristics afforded by HS SILVA, combined with well-formed fibre-based substrates, result in products with oil and grease-resistant properties and/or significantly improved water resistance for applications like horticultural labels and tags. While having improved durability, these substrates will be 100 percent recyclable, 100 percent biodegradable and 100 percent compostable.

‘We’ve partnered with HSMG over the last several years and have successfully used their unique chemistry to produce uncoated and coated paper products in a wide variety of applications,’ said Paul Ciccone, vice president of research and development for Monadnock. ‘We can create paper based products tailored to meet your needs while meeting the market requirements of recyclability and biodegradability.’

‘Monadnock is a leader in crafting high performance, cost effective and environmentally advanced products across a broad range of applications,’ said Samuel Mikail, chairman of HS Manufacturing Group. ‘With their innovative culture, Monadnock is helping us achieve our goal of taking HS Manufacturing Group to the forefront of the sustainable packaging industry.’

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