Mohawk Expands Carnival + Via Digital Printing Papers


Digital printing used to feel like a compromise. Now it’s come of age and spreading its wings. When paired with Carnival + Via papers, digital printing meets combines texture and colour with the ability to meet tighter deadlines, faster turnaround times and smaller runs.

‘This expansion of Carnival + Via papers is the latest expression of our belief that digital printing on fine paper meets the demands designers have for faster timelines and the ever-climbing expectation of beauty supported by function,’ said Chris Harrold, SVP marketing and creative at Mohawk Fine Papers.

The expanded digital offering makes Carnival + Via’s digital vellum portfolio 6 times as large. This line expansion consists of two new sizes (48.26 x 33 + 52.7 x 74.75cm/19 x 13 + 20.75 x 29.4375”), new heavy weights including 120C, and new colours: Bright White, Cream White, Light Grey and Kraft are all welcome natural and neutral additions to Carnival + Via’s existing palette.

New Mohawk Carnival + Via Vellum Digital with i-Tone

• 80T — Bright White, Cream White and Light Grey.
• 80C — Bright White, Cream White, Light Grey, Kraft, Deep Blue, New Black, Forest Green, Red, Yellow, Cyan and Rhodamine.
• 100C — Bright White, Cream White, Light Gray, Kraft, Deep Blue and New Black.
• 120C — Bright White, Cream White, Light Gray, Kraft, Deep Blue and New Black.

All papers in this expanded line contain 30% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) and are FSC certified. Compatible with white and specialty ink/toner and complete with excellent on-press performance, Digital with i-Tone papers have been carefully engineered to deliver superior performance on today’s digital colour production presses.

‘Mohawk’s expanded Carnival + Via offering brings a new breadth of colour and depth of variety to the HP Indigo marketplace. These papers meet the evolving expectations of the design and print communities for choice and performance,’ said Laura Field, worldwide commercial media lead, HP Indigo.

Digital with i-Tone surface treatment has a unique affinity for both HP Indigo Electroink and dry toners. The true benefit of i-Tone is seen in consistent, high-fidelity image quality, greater durability, and better toner adhesion—even on textured paper surfaces, including Carnival + Via’s Vellum finish.


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