Minuteman Press International Announces New Company President

Nick Titus, President.

Nick Titus has been named the third generation President of Minuteman Press International. Growing up in the family business, Titus started working at Minuteman Press International World Headquarters during summer and winter breaks throughout high school and college. After graduating with a degree in Business Management, Titus joined the Minuteman Press team full-time.

Minuteman Press remains a family-owned and operated franchisor with World Headquarters in Long Island, NY, and nearly 1000 independently owned and operated franchises worldwide. Previously, Titus was Vice President of Marketing. Bob Titus will remain the Company’s CEO.

Nick Titus said, ‘We have a tremendous company with incredible people who care about its success. Most importantly, the foundation and strength of our organisation relies on having dedicated franchise owners. I believe that our company is strong and we are in a very good position for continued growth.’

‘I started out as a Marketing Rep working directly with franchise owners and learning the inside of the business, then moved into our marketing department working on different ways to promote the business. Each year, I took on more and more responsibilities and became involved in different areas. One of the things I love about our business is that every day is a new challenge. Our owners come from so many different walks of life and it’s so enjoyable to work with them and to be able to help them succeed in owning their own business.’

CEO Bob Titus, who founded Minuteman Press International with his father Roy in 1973, issued the following statement: ‘In 1995, my father Roy moved aside and named me President of the company. It was the coming of the second generation taking us through the next 25 years, concentrating on our Minuteman Press franchise support system. Growing with all of our franchisees along the way. Seeing over 100 centres being passed down to the second generation. Seeing hundreds of successful owners sell their business and retire. Seeing our stores grow from 13 in 1996 to nearly 100 in 2019. In the last 25 years, we have added so many products and services that even Roy could not have imagined back in 1975.

‘After serving as President of Minuteman Press for 25 years, I feel it is time for another change. It is time for the third generation to take the helm. I am so proud and honoured to promote my son as the third generation President of Minuteman Press International. He has grown up at Minuteman Press like a lot of us and our kids. He also grew up with his grandfather Roy who taught him so much; the work ethic that Roy taught all of us and most important, knowing that our company is only as good as the people we have in business.’

Nick Titus concluded, ‘I am very honoured and humbled about this opportunity. I have some huge shoes to fill and I don’t take that lightly. I am very excited to continue with the core values we have instilled in our organisation and to have the opportunity to take our already great franchise to the next level.’

MINUTEMAN PRESS www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

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