Masterwork will be launching its new MK420Q mini high-speed/precision carton inspection system at Ipex 2014. This system provides 100% continuous inspection 24 hours a day. Handling stock from 180gsm to 350gsm in weight and from 70 x 70mm to 420mm x 350mm in size, the MK420Q MINI offers a maximum speed of 250 x 100mm (75,000 sph) making it one of the most efficient off-line inspection systems on the market.

Visitors to Masterwork Graphic Equipment’s Ipex stand will meet one of the most successful manufacturers for the graphic arts market in recent years. Major ongoing investment in R&D and production facilities has resulted in groundbreaking post press technologies that have cemented Masterwork’s position as a pioneer in this field, while resulting in year-on-year growth in Europe of around 15 per cent since 2008.

‘Our expansion has been largely due to supplying equipment that customers, existing and potential, tell us they want and at the right price,’ said European sales manager Ken Farnsworth. ‘This has resulted in Masterwork producing machines today that no other manufacturer in the world can match, while the areas in which our customers operate have expanded hugely. These range from cosmetics, greetings cards and cigarettes to book covers, labels and magazines.’

The use of high resolution CCD cameras allows the detection of defects down to 0.2 x 0.2mm. This enables even minute deviations from the approved standard to be identified immediately, with substandard sheets automatically rejected during the inspection process. The system can identify a huge selection of defects, from basic scratches and stains to variations within the embossing or coating and even irregularities in foil patterns.

Masterwork’s patented light source filters reflected light from sheets to ensure an extremely clear image on the CCD camera. The light source can be adjusted precisely to suit the printing process used for that particular job e.g laser, holographic foil stamping. The MK420Q mini allows the user to store data and images of defects for subsequent analysis and monitoring can be set for individual jobs, shifts or specific periods of operation. Data can easily be provided to customers to enable them to carry out their own analysis.

‘Masterwork manufactures an unrivalled range of post press equipment, from die cutting, foiling and embossing to gluing, stripping and packing systems,’ said Farnsworth. ‘New machines are constantly being introduced and during the next six months this will include the MK1450ER automatic platen die cutter with stripping facilities and the MK1060e high speed die cutter.’

Leading the way in the Masterwork portfolio is the Duo-press series, which combines foiling and die cutting functions in one pass. This is a key factor in being able to achieve extremely accurate levels of registration (+/- 0.075mm regardless of process) and productivity. There are six versions of Duo-press, providing combinations of foiling, embossing, die cutting, stripping and blanking. The latest model, the 1060 x 760mm Duo-press MK2 1060 SER, has the ability to foil, emboss, die cut, strip, blank and handle product collection at 12000 impressions per hour all with one operator.

Worldwide demand for Masterwork models is growing at such a pace that the 100000 square metre factory in Tianjin, China, completed only in 2011, was extended during 2013 by an adjoining 60000 square metre plant, which is used to make folder-gluers. The company floated on the stock exchange in 2011 and today has a turnover of around R1128298863,80 ($100m), employing some 800 people in China.

Sales, service and support for customers in Europe plus selected areas of the world are co-ordinated by the company’s European headquarters in Wakefield, UK. This is aided by a well established network of distributors and dealers, many of which are key players in the graphic arts industry.