Manroland Introduces Imposer Software


Imposer Software handles job-specific and automated imposing for both digital and offset printing. The product was developed by manroland web systems, based in Germany, and Ultimate Technographics of Canada.

Within the past eighteen months, manroland web systems has succeeded in establishing its own software solutions for digital printing. MasterQ and WorkflowBridge, which fully automatically control digital finishing aggregates and manage jobs, are applied by printing companies around the world.

Hildegard Heckl, Product Manager Digital and Head of Team ‘Digital’ at manroland web systems is sure that ‘the new imposition software ‘Imposer’ is just as intelligent and promises to be equally successful’. It combines the specific expertise of its developers. Manroland web systems supplied the core intelligence that describes the imposition logics based on the extensive capability of their devices and Ultimate TechnoGraphics executes the processing of the printing data.

The software supplies job-specific imposed data that is perfectly prepared for digital and offset printing. Whether for printing books, advertising or newspapers, the Imposer is ideally suited for frequent job and product changeovers. This is where it can fully use its flexibility.

Andreas Elchlepp, Product Management Software Development Digital and Workflow Solutions at Manroland web systems explains the difference between Imposer and standard imposition solutions, ‘The software features a specific logic. It recognises and uses the production aggregates, the optimised production processes, and the job structure.’

The method, whose patent is pending, allows imposition that is specifically matched to the printing jobs. For the first time, an imposition-software complies with the requirements of digital printing as well as offset and hybrid printing.

This is ideal for today’s print shops that vary their printing methods according to the job. Reprinting short or individual runs via print-on-demand is customary. The upgrade of print workshops with digital production lines to create mixed production facilities is a major investment area.

‘It was time for the development of a software that imposes the jobs for hybrid printing and that breaches the gap in data preparation. Our solution is modular and perfectly matches existing customer requirements, while being scalable and dynamic for the largest variety of production settings,’ said Andreas Elchlepp of Manroland web systems.

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