Manroland Improves Features For Double-Width Newspaper Press Series


Manroland Web Systems added new features and improvements for its single and double-width newspaper press series. The ControlCentre operating system from Manroland Web Systems is a popular solution that is now available for all current newspaper printing systems.

Dieter Betzmeier, order processing and technology director Manroland Web Systems, commented, ‘We have developed ergonomics and design features for our single and double-width newspaper press systems that are sure to please operators and business managers alike.’ He mentioned that he looks forward to offering all newspaper press customers the new ControlCentre operating system. Within just a short period of time, the new system has been sold more than 30 times to web offset customers around the world.

The ControlCentre with mobile control console from Manroland Web Systems is available immediately for all newspaper printing systems.

The improved press comprises an Iroloc and integrated web-edge control and Iroloc stands for a stable print image and reduced waste. An automatic print width control for the rubber rollers in the inking unit with Iroloc roller locks is now available for all newspaper press systems. This almost entirely eliminates the need for frequent readjustments and maintenance.

Instead, spring systems that only need to be set once provide the high reliability and durability required. The print width remains constant under dynamic operating conditions such as thermal expansion and media influences. Iroloc reduces maintenance costs by 65 per cent, extending the service life of the rollers by up to 20 per cent.

The integrated web edge control enhances product features. It allows high-quality applications on newspaper presses by controlling the side alignment of the reel via the chucks. This inexpensive and space-saving solution eliminates the need for a rotary frame. It is available for all newspaper printing systems from Manroland Web Systems. The resulting print stability opens up new production options in the commercial sector.

The press has a new folder superstructure for up to four sections in collect mode and was developed for all double-width printing presses such as Geoman and Cromoman 4-1. The key advantage of this new component is its low height which contributes to space-saving installation in existing buildings.

Quick-inking translates into limited waste. Pre-inking the rollers on the Cromoman 4-1 is now possible while the press is at a standstill. This ensures that the correct amount of ink is immediately available at the right place on start-up. The newly developed feature quickly produces ready-for-sale print products and limits start-up waste, which lowers costs while being environmentally-friendly.

Offering very flexible design and technology, the eight-page printing press Cromoman 4-1 features a host of new technological options

With its extended web width of 160cm (63-inch), the Cromoman 4-1 supports a wide range of formats. The Cromoman 4-1 is therefore the world’s most flexible eight-page press with cut-off lengths between 53 and 63cm. This makes it particularly attractive for markets with larger newspaper formats. The flexible design of the Cromoman 4-1 also scores when it comes to installation in an existing infrastructure.

Floor-type configurations in unit construction, 90° configurations, or even reel splicers in the basement are all easy to implement with the Cromoman 4-1. This makes it an optimal investment that is perfectly suited to the given conditions if a new building construction is not desired.

The Unipaster is a reliable and inexpensive reel splicer for single and double-width newspaper presses. The belt-driven Unipaster can be integrated into current central control console technology. This way, paper logistics can also be individually adjusted to the desired automation level of the press system.

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