The two companies have expanded their cooperation by starting a joint IT system solution which enables CO2 emissions from print jobs to be calculated and offset online.

After customers enter their emissions-relevant data like power, heating, vehicle fleet, etc, printing companies are advised of their personal carbon footprint. This serves as a starting point for developing a climate protection strategy and for automatic generation of an individual CO2 calculator.  

Printing companies can use this calculator to ascertain all CO2 emissions for every job – from paper grade through printing right up to and including transport – and offset them with the support of recognised climate protection projects. This transparent and comprehensible procedure entitles companies to use the ClimatePartner logo climate-neutral printing with an individual certificate number for every job.  

Through a variety of measures, the companys customers are automatically involved in climate and environment protection. For example, the printing systems themselves are designed for eco-friendly production, in line with the motto Economy through Ecology. Resource conservation and lower costs are achieved through IPA-free or IPA-reduced printing, low paper waste levels, individually coordinated consumable materials and heat recovery. Furthermore, the system solution makes a printing company’s CO2 footprint transparent and through the support of recognised climate protection projects also enables its customers to play an active role in climate protection.