LumeJet And Imaging Solutions Form Strategic Partnership


LumeJet and Imaging Solutions have formed a strategic partnership that will offer a bundled package of the LumeJet S200 printer with the ISAG fastBook10CF bookbinder, to deliver a full, layflat book production system handling sizes up to A3 landscape.

As a complete package, it reduces the overall production costs and is aimed squarely at the rapidly expanding layflat photo book sector. The sector has enjoyed compound 40% growth over the last few years, and the proliferation of photo books has inspired other markets to use the format for themselves. Notably, this has led to rapid growth in markets such as corporate pitch books, property prospectuses, look books and coffee table books.

The front end of the new offering is the LumeJet S200, which has the unique ability to combine true contone photographic quality images with fine line artwork and crisp text over extra-large print area (305 x 1000 mm). This makes it possible to print layflat books of all shapes and sizes up to A3 landscape double-page spread – as single sheets, no split images, registration issues or loss of detail. Ideal for wide-format graphics and panoramic images.

The fastBook10CF system turns printed sheets into complete book blocks. It is the ideal solution for growing order volumes whilst maintaining versatility. Thanks to its hot glue system and very short make-ready times, format change takes place via software. Very high productivity can be achieved, even with changing formats. An additional benefit is the ability to handle the thinnest paper available from LumeJet and laminate sheets directly without an intermediary board.

Rainer Bauer, CEO of Imaging Solutions, said, ‘ISAG has been very successful in premium quality, high-volume photo book production, but working with LumeJet creates an opportunity in cut sheet commercial markets where we have not been active. It is a very exciting strategic partnership that feels like a hand-in-glove fit.’

The fastBook10CF automatically builds blocks of up to 100 pages or 50mm thickness, including the creasing, folding and application of hot glue, thereby requiring no drying time. It can produce A4, A3 landscape, 300 by 300 mm and a variety of other sizes with very little set up. The use of hot glue further allows the system to handle mixed substrates easily.

Paul Anson, CEO of LumeJet said, ‘With the LumeJet S200 being able to print up to 1.0m in length we are finding that layflat books are the single biggest application for our customers. The fastBook10 complements the S200 perfectly due to its flexibility and very competitive price point. The automatic production of the books has been a challenge due the variety of sizes that can be produced by the LumeJet S200 and the number of substrates that it can print on. We are currently running at nine substrates with Album HD the FujiFilm finger print resistant paper included.

‘We are very excited to be unveiling this partnership as we are now able to offer a very competitive bundle to the marketplace for the production of the highest quality layflat books. By bringing the package together we can offer end-users the opportunity to dramatically cut the overall cost of a finished layflat book and reduce turnaround time.’

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