Loftware Announces New Cloud-Based Labelling Solution

Loftware Announces New Cloud-Based Labelling Solution

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer offers small businesses an easy-to-use and secure cloud-based solution that allows them to design, store and print professional labels in minutes rather than hours.

NiceLabel Cloud Designer offers greater collaboration within companies for label design, storage and printing. Its cloud-based platform enables users to operate their label and printing operations from any computer and in any location without being impacted by licence keys, lost label templates or printing incorrect labels. Additionally, NiceLabel Cloud Designer is constantly available and always up to date, so users don’t need to manage manual upgrades.

The solution is affordable for companies that operate with limited budgets, providing an alternative to more traditional legacy approaches or other solutions that aren’t purpose-built for labelling. Through NiceLabel Cloud Designer, users get access to a wide range of predefined label templates, including GS1, and can customise their own label design templates by using an extensive library of barcode symbologies and other objects.

With the help of the NiceLabel Cloud Designer online wizard, users can easily link their product and customer data by connecting to Excel, Google Sheets and other data sources. This ensures consistency, accuracy and compliance with a broad set of regulatory demands, thereby solving the issue of rejected shipments as a result of low-quality or non-compliant labels.

‘We understand the issues that small businesses face in today’s economic landscape. Skyrocketing costs, inflation, and geopolitical pressures can be overwhelming, but we believe that producing compliant labels shouldn’t add to these challenges,’ said Mišo Duplančič, Loftware VP of Product Management. ‘By accessing all the benefits of cloud labelling through NiceLabel Cloud Designer, small businesses no longer have to worry about rejected shipments due to low quality or non-compliant labels, meaning they can focus on what they do best: serving their customers, growing their businesses and setting themselves up for success.’


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