Lithomaster Increases Output With Further Xerox Investment

Lithomaster increases output with further Xerox investment.
Mervin Archary, sales director at XDN and Ashley Sewpersadh, owner of Lithomaster.

Durban based commercial litho and digital print business Lithomaster recently invested in the Xerox Versant and a Xerox D125. Lithomaster first became a Xerox customer in 2011, when owner Ashley Sewpersadh bought two Xerox DC 252’s, a Xerox 4112 and two Xerox C70’s, from Xerox concessionaire Xerox Digital Print Specialists (XDPS). XDPS has since been acquired by Xerox business partner, Xerox Document Network (XDN) making XDN the largest Xerox partner in the KZN region.

Lithomaster has remained a loyal customer since, growing their business and increasing their customer base. ‘We have been a happy Xerox customer for seven years,’ said Sewpersadh. ‘XDPS introduced us to Xerox and opened a whole new digital revenue stream for our business. The quality of service we have received over the years has been exceptional and was critical to our buying decisions. Xerox products are outstanding, but it’s the excellent support that we received from XDPS and now XDN that makes all the difference to the devices’ performance.’

Year-on-year, Lithomaster’s digital portfolio has grown by between 20% and 25%. In the first year of its digital offering, the company was producing 12,000 A4 colour documents per month; currently, its output exceeds between 80,000 and 90,000 A4 colour documents monthly. 

‘The introduction of digital printing has been a real boon to our business,’ said Sewpersadh. ‘Prior to our Xerox introduction, we couldn’t offer short print runs, nor could we meet clients’ demands for colour variable prints. Now we have evolved into a one-stop shop with fast turnaround times and exceptional quality. In today’s environment, it is vital to be able to complement litho with digital printing. Clients get what they want when they need it, and they have grown accustomed to receiving the exceptional customer service we are known for.’

He credits Mervin Archary, sales director at XDN, for ensuring that Lithomaster didn’t get left behind in the digital revolution. ‘Archary convinced us to take the leap into the digital space. Our first purchase was entry-level, and the quality was exceptional. Our two machines delivered 140 pages per minute and because we had a pair, we were able to deliver on clients’ needs even if one went down. This convinced us that Xerox was the best solution for our business.’

XDN has expanded its own growth and market share opportunities by leveraging the rich Xerox and Altron heritage and providing a broader set of services to existing and new customers across the entire region. This strengthens XDN’s position to add value to customers and to further help their customers transform their business operations.

The Xerox Versant press is a future-proof investment in performance, quality, versatility and results, making it an ideal investment for any print business. Lithomaster acknowledges that Xerox has always exceeded its clients’ exacting demands for colour consistency, variable data printing and in-line numbering as well as to print on a wider variety of media, including matte and gloss costed papers, 350gsm card and long sheets. The digital capability of the Xerox Versant also makes it possible to speedily produce proofing documents for litho print jobs, creating additional opportunities for the business.

‘Lithomaster is producing higher quality jobs faster, on more media types and with powerful automation for better output and less waste. It’s a press that allows print shops to boost productivity and add quality and variety to their offerings’, confirmed Archary.

The Xerox D125 Printer is ideal for all high-volume black and white printing, delivers maximum speed and versatility in minimal space, and comes equipped with the capabilities print companies need to thrive in diverse environments. It’s especially adept in transactional workflows and accommodates high volumes at an extremely productive speed while processing transactional data streams. Its imaging quality ensures a good presentation and accurate representation of important information.