Pantone LLC Introduces Pantone Metallics For Graphic And Packaging Design

Pantone LLC introduces Pantone Metallics for graphic and packaging design.

The new Pantone Metallics range combines the prior premium and regular metallic publications into one robust collection and includes a new Rose Gold base ink and 53 other new colours. The full selection features 655 trend and market-relevant metallic shades that are globally available off-the-shelf and designed to enhance projects.

Pantone Metallics for Graphic and Packaging Design is a collection of metallic spot colours intended for use on printed products, packaging, branding and other collateral. This addition to the Pantone Graphics System enables designers, brands, and printers to specify and produce luxurious, dazzling colours in a more versatile and cost-effective way when compared to other commonly used metallic applications for print.

‘With their sheen and sparkle, metallic shades instantly capture and captivate the eye, adding visual texture and differentiation from surrounding products on-shelf,’ said Laurie Pressman, vice president, Pantone Color Institute. ‘Entranced by luminosity, iridescence, and holographic effects, our love for metallic and pearlescent finishes continues to build, particularly in packaging design. To address this growing trend, our new metallic palette for print encompasses a range of core metal shades, including cool and chic silvers, lustrous golds, earthy bronzes as well as a wide variety of coloured metal tones that take their cue from fashion and lifestyle including: vivid reds, bold pinks, minty greens, watery teals and warming corals.’

The 54 new shades were inspired by the Pantone Metallic Shimmers, recently added to the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors System. For designers and suppliers working across materials, this alignment helps ensure that print and packaging colours can be more easily matched to products created in other materials and substrates including textiles, plastics, paint and more – delivering a more consistent colour story throughout every execution.

As the latest update to the Pantone Graphics colour system, Pantone Metallics are intended to complement the existing elements of the system and are available in two physical formats:

Metallics Coated Guide – ideal for colour specification and communication

• Portable fan deck, including colour numbers and ink formulations, printed on 45kg (100lb) paper stock.
• All 655 metallic colours arranged chromatically with six colours per page.
• Includes education pages showcasing various coatings options and a lighting indicator page to demonstrate when lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation.

Metallic Chips Coated Book – for palette development, colour specification and communication, and production reference

• Single-volume three-ring binder with a Paper Chip Saver for loose chip organisation and storage.
• Six colours per page of perforated 3 x 2cm (1.2” by 0.8”) chips (six of each colour), printed on 45kg (100lb) paper stock.
• Includes education pages showcasing various coatings options.

In addition, all 655 metallic colours for print are available digitally for accessibility and viewing in design software and on-screen applications. Furthermore, brands and their software and systems providers can bring these metallic shades to life in product planning processes by licencing the colour identities and then specifying into their style guides and designs.Pantone Metallics Guides and Chip Books are now available worldwide.

Pantone x Neenah Paper

As part of this introduction, Neenah Paper, a long-standing valued supplier of Pantone, is collaborating with Pantone to highlight the impact of colour, texture, and material in graphic and packaging design. For designers and brands looking to achieve luxury packaging and collateral, Neenah Classic, Pearlised and Label Papers offer a modern and relevant canvas for Pantone Metallics, as exemplified in the various packaging executions developed for the campaign.


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