Lecta Presents New Supercalendered Paper For Label And Industrial Applications

Lecta Presents New Supercalendered Paper For Label And Industrial Applications

After the launch several months ago of its new range of Linerset release liners with Linerset CCK (Clay Coated Kraft) release paper, Lecta now presents Linerset Glassine, a supercalendered paper for siliconisation with very good lay-flatness, caliper, transparency and high resistance.

Available in yellow and white, respectively, Linerset Glassine Y (Yellow) and Linerset Glassine W (White) are produced in substances from 45 to 78g/sqm for application on self-adhesive labels.

Introducing these new release liners, Lecta advances in its transformation and diversification project at its Condat mill in France. Lecta has transformed its Line 8 paper machine at Condat with the aim of manufacturing release liners for siliconisation. Lecta also has acquired a new supercalender, making Condat one of the most modern, efficient and environment-friendly factories in Europe.

Soon Lecta will also launch Linerset Glassine Duo and Linerset SCK (Supercalendered Kraft). With Linerset, Lecta is developing a complete, high-quality portfolio of specialty paper-based solutions for pressure-sensitive products with the aim of becoming the supplier of choice for siliconisers, PSL producers and converters.

The Linerset paper range guarantees high performance for all self-adhesive materials in labelling, graphic films, tapes and industrial applications.


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