Lamipak Partners With South African Company Paperboard And Pulp Agencies


China-based Lamipak, which offers laminated liquid packaging board, now has a dedicated marketing channel in South Africa: Paperboard & Pulp Agencies. Owner Steve Leo is handling sales and marketing of Lamipak’s aseptic packaging grades.

Leo has a wealth of experience in the liquid packaging industry and has already started engaging with potential customers. ‘Lamipak produces truly world-class grades – shipped in reel form and printed to customer specifications – which are equal, if not superior, to those offered by competitors,’ commented Leo.

‘One of our main selling features is that Lamipak, being a part of paper giant Asia Pulp And Paper, has complete control over the quality of the base board. This gives us a huge advantage over competitors who don’t own their board mills but outsource production to various mills.’

Lamipak’s manufacturing facility is designed to meet international hygiene standards, including air purification systems, pest control and disinfection procedures, and fully-automated conservation facilities. The plant is certified to international food safety, quality and environmental standards.

To promote its range, Lamipak is exhibiting at Propak Cape, where Steve Leo and Lamipak’s Hari Kishna will present these world-class liquid packaging products to visitors.

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