Kurz Presenting New Packaging Design Solutions


Leonhard Kurz will present new optically variable devices for hot stamping and cold foil finishing. The key features of these holographic single images and continuous designs are a novel colour change or special depth effect. Kurz developed these designs to offer brand name manufacturers new possibilities for attractive packaging design and brand name protection.

Kurz will exhibit these new optically variable devices for hot stamping and cold foil finishing solutions at drupa 2016.

The Deep Lens design comprises an optical lens with an exceptional depth effect that draws the eye like magic. When applied by hot stamping or cold foil transfer, the metallised lens design exhibits a high level of clarity and colour brilliance. It visually enhances the packaging and makes it a real eye catcher on the retail shelf.

The Spatial FX design exhibits some unusual spatial effects. The motif appears to be raised and seems to protrude out of the surface. The relief is so three-dimensional that the viewer feels an involuntary urge to touch it. On packaging, the design awakens the interest of the consumer and invites him to examine the product more closely. This design element is predestined for use with brand logos and lettering. It significantly increases the distinctiveness of the brand.

Trustcolor is an OVD (Optically Variable Device) combined with special optical elements and a clearly defined colour flip. The additional elements integrated into the graphic composition maintain their original colour, however, and are accentuated by the changing colour of their surroundings. The Trustcolor OVD is a striking authenticity feature with a high recognition effect. It makes packaging more attractive, increases the level of protection against counterfeiting, and strengthens consumers’ trust in the brand.

Another OVD with an unusual colour effect is the Multicolour. It contains a silver-coloured diffractive design with multiple image planes. Incorporated into the design are various elements in precisely registered colours. The Multicolour OVD, with its permanently visible coloured elements, is both highly decorative and at the same time very difficult to reproduce.

Duocolour is a design that exhibits an eye-catching switch between two metallic colours depending on the viewing angle. The colour effect is made even more complex through the incorporation of diffractive patterns that supplement the colour flip with the typical colour play of classical holographic design. This combination also makes the decorative design easy to verify.

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